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The Crow Remake Has Its Star, And It’s Neither Alexander Skarsgård Nor Tom Hiddleston

The story goes something like this: Once upon a time, Relativity Media decided to remake The Crow. They really wanted Luke Evans to play the lead, but between playing Dracula and Bard the Bowman he’s a really busy dude. They (allegedly) considered some other actors, among them Alexander Skarsgård, James McAvoy, and Tom Hiddleston.

But they then decided, no, we’ll just wait for Evans’ schedule to clear up. And they all lived happily ever after if the movie’s good.

There’s been no official confirmation from Relativity Media or director F. Javier Gutiérrez, but Deadline is reporting it like it’s a sure thing (no “in talks to play” or “in final stages of negotiation”), so make of that what you will. I’m going to wait to hear some sort of sound bite quote about how great Evans is from someone at Relativity before I buy the news completely, but I’ve gotta say it’s looking like a pretty sure thing.

The version of Dracula Evans is starring in is currently in pre-production, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again are in post, but Evans is going to have a lot of promotional responsibilities once their release dates approach. As such, the start date for The Crow is reportedly being pushed to early next year, so all you remake-haters (or haters of just this remake) will have some time to stew in your juices.

What do you think of this whole thing? I must admit to not being too invested m’self, as The Crow‘s never really be on my radar, and my general view of remakes is that I don’t really care that they’re not based on an original story as long as they’re good. (Remakes and reboots go back forever, to before there were movies even, and there are so few “original” stories now—whatever that means—that I’d rather just get as many good movies as I possibly can.) That said, I realize that The Crow‘s a big-deal cult movie that a lot of people have a strong emotional connection to. So. How does the Evans news strike you?

(via: Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    I think the folks at Racebending had the best take on this whole mess.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    i just dont understand why they have to make a remake when they could just make a good movie set in the Crow universe (Crow-niverse?)

  • Becky Piper

    he is a poor-man’s joseph gordon-levitt. They shoulda just got him.

  • Anonymous

    …Well to be fair, they’ve been trying to make a good film in the Crow universe but all they ended up with was City of Angels, Salvation and Wicked Prayer respectively.

    It wasn’t really working, might as well go back to the one people actually like.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    valid point *laugh* still, a girl can dream?

  • Jack

    I loved The Crow movie, it will always have a very special place in my heart. It helped me through a darker time in my life, but more so, I love The Crow comic. I would actually like to see a more faithful adaption to the book if they are going back to the source. The comic was far more the strait up revenge fantasy and I would like to see that on film.

  • Anonymous

    No Hiddleston? Just lost all interest in this movie.

  • Joshua Paul Hawkins

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Crow film that is a little more faithful to the source material I.E. they get killed in the carjacking and not a home invasion and hope they can make the series last the way “Stairway To Heaven” made it seem that only killing those who killed Shelly wasn’t the end of Draven’s quest. There is so much potential for this character and I am willing to give it a shot.

  • Anonymous

    Hiddleston or McAvoy might have been interesting but Luke has an unimpressive CV. Still I am kind of glad that the Hiddleston and McAvoy are out of the loop because now I have no reason to watch it.

  • Denise Ganley

    I would have liked to see a female Crow for a change. Maybe Noomi Rapace is too obvious but I thought she would be great.

  • Ma Barker

    Would have witched with Alex or Tom but not this guy, and just who is this guy, never heard of him, it most likely would have been better to cast someone who people in general recognize.

  • Dave Hill

    that would be cool -

  • Sharon Browne

    When I heard Tom Hiddleston would be in it, I thought I am there! Now that he’s out… am I !!!! No crow for Hiddleston, no me for crow !

  • Rhonda Barnes

    Even James O’Barr wanted to leave any further Crow movies alone to honor Brandon Lee’s memory. What greedy little studio executive made this god-awful decision in the first place?
    Brandon Lee WAS Eric Draven. Sorry, but ANYONE else will be a big failure.

  • Anonymous

    That sucks. Hiddleston would have been perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Yup–same here. He even looks like the Crow in the next Thor movie. Screw that–I’m not gonna’ see this now.

  • Anonymous

    You got it. Me too.