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Tank Girl Goes to Prison: Lori Petty is Joining Orange is the New Black

There are any number of roles that might be synonymous with Lori Petty in your head, but for my money, they are Kit Keller from A League of Their Own and Livewire, one of the few characters invented for the DC Animated Universe who were brought to comics canon.

TVLine reports that the veteran character actress will be joining the cast of Orange is the New Black in its second season. It’s impossible to say at this point whether Petty’s character will be in or out of a prison uniform, as there are no details available about who she’s playing. It’s also possible that she’ll only be appearing for an episode or two. TVLine refers to her role as a “guest star.”

So. Does this article rest primarily on a presumed affection for Lori Petty’s work, in Free Willy, Star Trek: Voyager, or Point Break? And a corressponding interest in Orange is the New Black?

(via Digital Spy.)


  • Steven M. Long

    Is “I love Lori Petty” enough to bring to the discussion to warrant a comment? I still haven’t checked out OitNB, but it’s been on my list, and now even more so!

  • Lady Commentariat

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize her when I finally watched Voyager about a year ago. OITNB is awesome, so I am excited.

  • Anonymous

    The window to have Lori Petty play Harley Quinn is probably closed and that’s sad. Not as sad Jennifer Connelly being too old to play Wonder Woman but still very sad.

  • Cowtools

    For a while in the mid-90s, Tank Girl was one of my favourite films. No shame. I thought is was genuinely cool and fun.
    And now I love OITNB, so in looking forward to this!

  • Anonymous

    This is freaking fantastic news. I love Lori Petty, I love OITNB, I think she’ll be gosh darn perfect. CANNOT WAIT.

  • Anonymous

    Damn them! Now I’m going to have to watch season 2!