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Sceith Ailm’s Beautiful Lord of the Rings Themed Tarot Cards

Nothing like a well thought out redesign of a deck of cards to make you see characters in a different light. Sceith Ailm’s are particularly lovely. We’ve brought twelve over here to show you, but you can find even more at her DeviantArt page.

(via Tumblr.)

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  • Matthew Oden

    I love that there’s basically one go-to vintage paper texture out there:

    (these are still great by the by. But seeing that paper texture–even desaturated–is kind of like hearing the Wilhelm scream in the theater. I can’t help but chuckle.)

  • Anonymous

    Oh man. Is this one of those things where, once seen, I’ll never be able to unsee it? Like the FedEx logo thing?

  • Matthew Oden

    Kind of! For a few years, it was the first huge image result in google for ‘paper texture’. And because it’s so good and versatile it just appeared all over the place.

    I guess because it doesn’t show up online as often, because everything is moving towards flat and clean.

  • Jessy Southard Strohmeyer

    I’ve got the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tarot deck that came out in 1999. In that one Gollum is The Fool.

  • Nicoclaws

    These are beautiful indeed.
    But they lose a lot of real Tarot significance and symbolism along the way. So you couldn’t draw cards with them.

  • Anonymous

    These are much, much better than the official Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Tarot decks published by US Games.

    The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. In a few places they fall into the trap of fan-inspired decks of expecting the reader to be familiar with the material in order to be able to interpret the card – but then the general idea of fan decks is that you will know the material.

  • Anonymous

    What about Orthnac as “The Tower”?