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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

Electric Harpist Duo Harps On the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

Harp Twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt lend their harping talents to The Lord of the Rings in this medley of five songs from the trilogy’s soundtracks. Electric harps, yeeeeeah.

(via: Game Informer)

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah…YEAH! You jam on that harp!

  • Kimberley

    Sadly, I’m used to Camille and Kennerly being referred to as “Blonde Twins” rather than “Electric Harpists”.

    I quite enjoy their musical covers regardless.

  • Anonymous

    This just reminded me to add them to my Christmas wish list… their music that is *ahem*

  • dividebyzero

    Camille and Kennerly super awesome as always!!!

  • Karina Burana

    Care to share why?