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This Guy Is Making a Live-Action Remake of Toy Story [Video]

Above is a preview scene of the independent efforts of one filmmaker to do a “shot for shot” remake of Toy Story. I put “shot for shot” in quotes only because the original film is computer animated and the remake is a live-action version using the actual toys. We have no idea what Disney Pixar can do about this, but we hope they can just sit back and appreciate it — because it’s pretty cool-looking so far! You can watch the progress on the project’s Facebook page, run by the filmmaker, a lad named Jonason.

(via The Awesomer)


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  • TyraWM

    It was said many times in the youtube comments, but damn that kid looks just like Andy. 

  • Jennifer Doveton

    whaaat is the point of this? they are just reenacting the film with the original audio, and it’s taken them a year, for 15 minutes of fame off the back of the popularity of the original without adding anything new or contributing to the creative community… At least give us a new story or a satire or parody or something with original content?

  • Caroline Boyd

    I feel like this is a serious breach of copyright infringement. He’s using the same voices, toys that actually look like the original characters and the same shots from the original Toy Story film. All power to him if he can finish it, but soon or later Pixar will catch on.