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Little Firefly and The Episode You Probably Never Wanted To See

Ok, first off, check out this adorable Firefly fan art from Patrick Ballesteros (He calls them “Brownie Coats”). Now imagine them all covered in dog pheromones. Wait, what? Care to guess who’s idea that episode was? 

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed the cast and Nathan Fillion described an episode Alan Tudyk wanted to make. It went something like this:

He had a great one where there were some criminals who engage in illegal dogfights, and there was a planet where one side of the planet was perpetual night. They had these big, feral dogs there that were so mean and awful, and we had to go out and trap them. We had this dog pheromone of some kind, and Jayne was messing around, and splat!, the thing bursts and we’re all covered in this pheromone. So we have to run back to the ship with these feral dogs chasing us, and we get the dogs back to the hold of the ship, and we’re safe. But in the journey back to get them back to the criminals, River comes in, communes with the dogs, and domesticates them. So now they’re the same dogs, just nice.

(via io9, Nerd Approved)

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  • Anonymous

    What, I just watched that interview on the Science Channel and EW or Fillion is a bit off – also the secret of Inara made me weepy. Also love the Brownie coats – also made me weepy

  • Katie

    Actually, I think the one we never wanted to see was the Inara-Reaver suggestion… just an awful concept.

  • Anonymous

    yeah but the fact that the character was terminally ill during the whole show explains so much of the sub-text

  • Lauren Seals

    Yeah, kind of curious about the headline here. I thought this concept sounded good. When they talked about the Inara-Reaver stuff I turned to my roommate and went “thank god it was canceled”.

    Just another thing to add to the list of why Joss Whedon isn’t a feminist god.

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    An episode of Firefly I don’t want to see?

    Does not compute.

  • Angel Fernandez

    I’d still watch that. :D

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that a brutal sexual assault was gonna be the thing that made Mal treat Inara “as a lady” to quote Tim Minear.

  • Kyle S.

    Bring Back Firefly!!!