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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

The Great Gastly, and Other Unexpectedly Literary Pokémon

Adapt this, Baz Luhrmann. Actually, adapt Bulgakov’s The Masquerain and Margarita.

No, seriously, I think you’d do a much better job at The Master and Margarita than The Great Gatsby. But I guess if you’re not doing anything else you could look at these works of classic literature with Pokémon in the title.

(via Markdelabeast.)

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  • James Fletcher

    Wow, some of those puns hurt. I think the best one if the Adventures of Shuckleberry Finn

  • Anonymous

    Mein Klang fits better. No one cares about Klang though.

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Lapras Shrugged. I’d buy it.

  • Anonymous

    The Old Man and the Seadra
    A Storm of Sword Dance
    A Feast of MurKrows
    A Dance With Dragonites

  • Jesse

    yeah, that’s definitely hilarious