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Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Wired Finally Puts A Woman With A Tech Oriented Career On Its Cover

Wired has come under criticism before for its depiction of women on its covers. According to Cindy Royal, whose blog post about the lopsided featuring of women on the cover of Wired reached many last fall, the last time a woman on the cover of Wired was actually a luminary from the world of technology it was 1996. As Royal said, Martha Stewart, Sarah Silverman and Uma Thurman don’t count.

Whether Wired actually listened to Royal’s criticism is more than we can say for certain, but we’re happy to report that today  Wired tweeted their April cover featuring none other than Limor Fried (who we featured on our PowerGrid, 10 Women Who Secretly Control the Internet), the lady who offered a cash prize to the first person to produce open source drivers for the Microsoft Kinect, and then successfully convinced Microsoft that she had actually done them a favor and they shouldn’t sue her.

Congratulations, Limor!

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  • klw

    While I’m thrilled to see a geek girl on the cover, I am disappointed with their decision to allude to the cliche “we can do it” poster. It feels patronizing.

  • Anonymous

    I love that poster and I love this cover.

  • Nicole Hazen

    Yeah, while I see what they were doing there it does kinda seem a bit patronizing.

    But I’m happy about it nonetheless. *races home to check her mailbox*

  • elaine!

    I kind of like it that Rosie gets a modern spin. I’d like to see more women empower themselves in everyday mechanical tasks. Learn how to fix your own bike, your own car, your own arduino platform…

  • Anonymous

    Nice job, Limor!