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Leonard Nimoy Reveals His Struggle With Pulmonary Disease

The nerd world has been abuzz with concern lately over Leonard Nimoy, who was photographed traveling being assisted through an airport with a wheelchair and an oxygen mask. Nimoy has taken to his own twitter account to end the speculation and make sure his fans know what’s really going on with him. And the internet’s honorary grandpa has one message for everybody: quit smoking now, not later.

COPD is an acronym describing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (encompassing both emphysema and chronic bronchitis diagnoses), characterized by shortness of breath, coughing, and patients with a long term history of exposure to polluted air. This can include environmental pollution, and poorly vented cooking-related fires, but most commonly years of a smoking habit. While the condition is serious, gradually worsening over time, Nimoy stressed that he’s okay.

Live long and prosper to you to, Grandpa Nimoy.

(via Up Roxx.)


  • Anonymous

    Oh god that’s terrible.

  • Skol Troll

    Someone do the Search For Spock time warpy thing so Grandpa Internet can go back and slap the cancer stick outta young Grandpa’s hand!

    (Or is that the genesis movie? I’m not a trekkie, but I know there’s timey-travel somewhere in there… so do that! [and save the whales too, please])

  • Nirali


  • Anonymous

    This is really sad news. I have an uncle who’s about to begin his fight against cancer and he’s looking at 5 months of chemotherapy.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Hang in there, Mr. Nimoy.

  • Anonymous

    My Mom died of COPD. It was a terrible way to die, basically slowly smothering to death. We were there with her until the gasping end. Don’t smoke kids.

  • Mark Brown

    Wow. Glad to hear it’s not too serious. May he continue to live long and prosper.

  • Michael Thomas

    As a Crisis Care worker at Hospice, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed exactly this. CHF and COPD almost universally leads to death by asphyxiation on your own bodily fluids. Slowly, painfully, and causing great distress to your loved ones over several days.

  • getreal5

    e-cigs are the wave of the future. Since I quit smoking cigarettes I can now breathe easily and don’t cough every morning., in fact my lung function has improved since all that clogging tar and other poisons are not breathed by me. I got an e-go and a kanger. love them both and my juice is about 16 bucks a month! Beats the 5 dollar a pack a day habit i had.