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Cautiously Optimistic

Lego Movie Trailer Actually Mostly Batman/Wonder Woman Cameo Trailer

So the Lego movie is getting all kinds of props from this site for literally being Wonder Woman’s first (condoned by DC and Warner Bros.) appearance in movie theaters. And the Batman jokes aren’t hurting it. On general plot, though, the idea of one underachieving dude suddenly being chosen for a grand destiny is a little played out, no matter how many hat tips you give to the cliche. But I can’t help wondering whether the actual movie will subvert that much more than the trailers. A movie that has Abraham Lincoln on a rocket powered throne has to be smarter than it appears.

(via Deadline.)

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  • Glitchy

    “…Dang it!”

    (probably my favorite gag in the whole thing)

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Wonder Woman just can’t catch a break with that invisible jet XD

  • Adrian

    Cobie Smulders voices Wonder Woman!

  • re M

    Will Arnett as Batman! I wonder if he has a Bat-Segway? ;)

  • Jeyl

    If there’s one cliché I hate more than a doofus who’s destined for greatness, it’s the female sidekick who’s only role in the story is to constantly tell said doofus how awesome he is. This film seems to play this cliché in spades by having her spout “You are the most important person in the universe!” and “I believe in you!” lines that tells you she has no other purpose but to further develop his character. And I’m sure the film makers believe all of these questionable moments will be rectified by giving her moments where she kicks butt. Yeah… And Alice from the Resident Evil films is the most important character of all time.

  • Adrian

    Only the white, hetero, mediocre man can save the world! I’m tired of it, too. I felt OK with it for a second because I was imagining that it was Andy from Parks & Rec (April Ludgate as Wyldstyle?), but yeah… it sucks. “He’s just an ordinary guy!” also perpetuates the idea of the hetero white man being the “default human.”

    I’m actually hoping that Wyldstyle turns out to be the savior.

  • Laura Truxillo

    I’m not sure which is worse, the female character who serves as the cheerleader, or the female character who is Serious And Good At Her Job (which, it will turn out, the mediocre man will turn out to be better at it because of his Wacky and Untrained approach) who is unimpressed by the mediocre man only to eventually realize that he is the Chosen One who can save them all.

    Wait. No, I know which is worse.

  • Foxfire

    I actually quite enjoyed the whole ‘chosen one’ because IT’S LEGO.

    Didn’t you always have a chosen favourite playing with your legos? I did.

    Not to mention I can ignore a basic plot to see Batman, Wonder Woman, Morgan Freeman and Michaelangelo in the same movie.

  • Sims da Don

    You just had to let your feminism out of its bag today, didn’t you?

  • Carmen Sandiego

    This is true. I would have never seen ‘Frozen’ based on the trailer.