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We Can Be Heroes

Loki Looks Adorable In These LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Concept Images

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If you’ve ever played the LEGO branded video games you know how much joy they bring. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the latest installment and features characters from Marvel’s entire line. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released some concept art showing a few of the characters as we’re used to seeing them in minifig form but also a few looks at the settings we might get to visit in the game. Loki is looking adorable as always but wait until you see Wolverine’s claws.

(Gamefreaks via ComicsAlliance)

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  • Hannele Kormano

    Interesting that they’re able to collect Marvel franchises together in a way not currently possible on the moviescape (i.e. Marvel Movies Avengers, Sony Spiderman, Fox Wolverine), yet clearly draw inspiration from them (especially the Thor locations).

  • Anonymous

    The Asgard picture with the Lego statues in the background is great.

  • Steamgirl

    I really hope Deadpool is in this.

  • Magic Xylophone

    The pose they drew Black Widow in is ridiculous. Dear artist: bricks do not bend that way! If a real minifig tried to emulate this image, she’d snap in half.

  • Anonymous

    That’s how minifigs always bend & move in the lego video games, though. Not at all unique to Black Widow. They look a bit odd at first if you aren’t used to them, but they would look very clunky if they could only move in the games as plastic ones can. If you do a google image search for “lego harry potter video game” you can see lots of very ‘bendy’ versions of Harry. (Apologies for not linking to one, but the best examples seem to have autoplay videos on the websites themselves, better to just look at them through google.)
    [And they are TLG artists making the videos games, not people who are unfamiliar with how lego works.]

  • Sollaer

    You, uh…clearly missed the joke here. Try “The Hawkeye Initiative” on Tumblr to get a better idea.

  • Stephen

    I can’t wait to play this with my kids. And my wife! The beauty of the LEGO games is how accessible and playable they are for everyone. But their has to be Wasp. My daughter really, really needs to play Wasp.

  • Anonymous

    My mother’s favourite was Wasp, so I agree Wasp is a must.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, okay. Nevermind then, sorry. :)

    I got a bit distracted by the “surprise” that Wolverine’s claws…
    are exactly like the minifig Wolverine’s claws.

  • Magic Xylophone

    I was attempting to spoof the recent backlash against awkward poses in comic book art, but I guess it didn’t work.

  • Melly Flick

    It’s interesting how much cognitive dissonance there is in seeing Black Widow not look like the sexiest piece of shit ever, which says good things about LEGO and bad things about societal expectations.