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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Lesson in Humility

The Legend of Zelda Has Knocked Fifty Shades of Grey Down on Amazon Best Seller List

Well, isn’t this 50 shades of awesome*. For the moment it appears as if The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia has displaced the fanfic erotica juggernaut Fifty Shades of Grey as number one on Amazon’s bestseller list.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is a compilation volume, featuring artwork, notes, and a comic centering on the beloved video game. Oh, and it hasn’t even been released yet.

We reported the other day that the Harry Potter series had been displaced on a different Amazon bestseller list by the relatively recent Hunger Games popularity, so it’s not the first somewhat surprising move by Amazon’s customer base as of late.

Fifty Shades of Grey has, for better or for worse, been sweeping practically every bestseller list it touched this summer. The fact that a book about a video game could dethrone it, even momentarily, seems like a feat.

Here’s Amazon’s info on the book:

Calling all Zelda fans out there! The wait for the 25th Anniversary of the famous game is over. This book is filled with action of your favorite hero that includes art work from the games, character profiles and concept designs, backgrounds, history of The Legend of Zelda, creatures concept designs, comic shorts, interview with the creator, and more.

The creators of Zelda have called it the “Zelda Bible.”

Aub Driver, publicity coordinator over at Dark Horse (the book’s publisher), said of the dethroning that “…Someone had to do it!,” going on to say that Dark Horse is “thrilled to see geek, video game and pop culture enthusiasts embrace this highly sought after title with so much love.”

“I’m just glad Dark Horse Comics and Nintendo could make it happen together. This is a huge book for us as the premier publisher of video game titles and we’re going to give the fans everything they’ve wanted and more.”

All we can say is that this seems a win for nostalgia and video game fans; we find this news quite refreshing.

*We apologize for the wordplay. We are contractually obligated by the internet and the cultural zeitgeist to use 50 Shades of Grey as wordplay in every article referencing the book.

(via Comics Beat) (Image via Game Rant)

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  • PaulG85

    Yay. I like Zelda.

  • Lindsey Stock

    It’s about damn time! I seriously don’t understand how that book is so freaking popular. The plot sucks, the characters suck, the sex scenes themselves are atrociously written, and the author did absolutely no research on actual BDSM and completely misrepresents people who do that kind of kink. It really has not one redeeming quality. The relationship between the main characters is creepy and abusive, pretty much exactly how Twilight would be if Edward had turned Bella into his sex-slave. I read it with my girlfriends, and dear god how I wish I could purge it from my memory.

  • Maddie Lindsey

    And this is how I find out Hyrule Historia is going to be translated and released in the US. YESSSSSSSSS

  • Kim Bannister

    Faith in humanity: Restored!

  • ravenlunatick

    Hehehehe. Faith in humanity restored. I’m part way through this monstrosity for my blog and I *sincerely* regret the idea.

  • Life Lessons

    Thank goodness!!!