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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Kristoff and Anna in a Frozen Deleted Scene

Meet Kristoff – Frozen Deleted Scene on Disney Video

This scene, which exists only in animatic, posits a different initial meeting for Kristoff and Anna. What do you guys think?

(via Oh My Disney.)

Previously in Frozen

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  • Run Amok

    I prefer the one in the movie.

  • kinoumenthe

    I like my Frozen as it is.

  • Jordan Wester

    ugh, no way. The one in the movie is so much better.

  • Sana-chan

    Yeah, this is just kind of awkward and a little predicable. I like what they did with the actual meeting.

  • Solveig Rørholt

    It makes me think they plannet Anna to have common sense earlier in the works. I mean, what Norwegian or Scandinavian in general think it is a good idea to run into a sudden and mysterious winter with your summer BALL CLOTHES and no well-prepared cape on your horse, ALONE? This early Anna actually stays and asks for information, so that she know where she is supposed to go and take care of business before leaving to possibly die (since the rumors of rewards and has spread, and Kristoff knows about Elsa’s location, I would assume it has been a night and a day AT LEAST).

    Also, less hints that Kristoff WTFman is “Sámi”.

    So, I like the early version better. Doesn’t mean Frozen had any chance of being good in my eyes, but it’s the least of two evils.

  • Matias Furia

    I like the “i’ll bow but my pants frozen”, but the one in the movie works best.

  • Anonymous

    I think they made the right call with the scene that’s in the movie. This one makes Kristoff seem much more like a jerk. The “it’s all about the money” attitude also reminds me too much of Flynn Rider from Tangled. There are some cute bits, but it definitely doesn’t hold up as well as what we got.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Yeah, I got seeeerious Han Solo vibe off this whole thing. Which…look, I love Han Solo, always will,but yikes I’m glad they didn’t go this far in the “aloof jerkwad” direction.

  • kbroxmysox

    Anna had common sense but she also had a big rash streak to her. What’s more, she was less worried about herself and more worried about finding her sister as soon as possible. When it comes to love, most people take a hit in the common sense department, which only makes them more real.

  • Solveig Rørholt

    That might be true, but it still does not take away the fact that she rode into a wintering forest she doesn’t even know (being isolated for ten years and all) in her *summer ball gown* without really gathering information and calming the crowd down (and honestly, this is just as much her caretakers and Hans’ fault; if what you’re saying is true and that her love for her isolating sister makes her irrational, they should have forced her down the horse or refused her command and tell her DUDE calm down and let’s think about this, not give her a horse and a thin cape and watch her ride off into the unknown forest during a cursed summer-winter after a sister who just demonstrated dangerous powers and instability). But then again, her *summer ball gowns* sometimes look actually warmer than her *winter adventure clothes*, so what can you do? :P

  • kinoumenthe

    Oh, same here. Enough with that trope already. Is is so pervasive and SO tired…

  • kandy830

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  • AnnaB

    I thought everything amusing, particularly when he goes “Catch!” and the towel catches her in the face, but the part where he asked for payment was kind of off-putting. I say this knowing that I liked Kristoff’s personality in the movie better, where he’s just really a hard-working, practical guy as opposed to an opportunistic money grubber.

  • Anonymous

    I think the version they went with in the film is better because this early scene really makes Kristoff look like a douche. They were already pinning their love story on “girl passes up first guy she’s known for a day for the second guy she’s known for a day.” Kristoff needs to be likable off the bat for that to work.

    But I do agree that this shows a more competent Anna, instead of the clueless, half-cocked character we got in the movie. She also shows more concern for her sister, wanting to know how she is and where she went instead of, “she’s my sister that I barely know, I can handle this, I’ve got a prince to marry.”

  • Solveig Rørholt

    What about “Kristoff intimidating, ignoring and insulting Anna and shop-keeper, Kristoff singing about how animals are better than humans, Kristoff forcing his reindeer to drag a sleith that is way too heavy for him and would be considered animal abuse IRL, and Kristoff continuously insulting Anna about her intelligence and capability” being less of a douche? :P I’m sorry, that’s just my interpretation of Kristoff in the movie. This early Kristoff seems more like the kind of guy who just wouldn’t care about the bigger things, just get the job done and get the reward, and start to care about Anna underway, not insult her for what is clearly private business.

    I really just thought the whole romance red herring was a waste of time, considering how much the movie was advertised as being about sisterhood and familial love, so for me it and my niece and nephew it was confusing to suddenly have a love triangle and TwuLuwzKiss into the mix. I think the movie would have been better to just be straight with us about how true love can be anything, not just love-love, instead of “OMG PLOT-TWIST HAHA GOTCHA AMIRIGHT?!”

    But yes about Anna, I agree wholeheartedly about her reactions to Elsa.

  • Anonymous

    You’re nitpicking there. Sven fills the general role of animal side-kick and it’s not the first time an animal in an animated feature performs tasks it couldn’t possibly in real life. Kristoff doesn’t look like a douche in the film so much as totally disconnected from normal human interactions. It makes him a perfect match for Anna (who is desperate for human contact of any kind even though it’s her sister that grows up in isolation, making Anna look kinda cray-cray) and also makes sense, since he was KIDNAPPED AS A SMALL CHILD BY TROLLS. I do not get how that gets glossed over so often. Not only are the trolls terrible characters but they do many terrible things, and the kidnapping of a small child isn’t even the first terrible thing they do.

    I do find the “romance subversion” to be a pretty weak feature of the film. It’s not even done very well. Anna gets carried around and then her happy ending happens to her. She doesn’t grow or change (but then, no one in the movie does). I get the feeling they wanted an evil prince so that they’ve got someone not in the kingdom to imprison Elsa (who doesn’t earn her happy ending either, she comes back and everyone just accepts her), and so that Anna can punch him later (thus giving her something to do other than be helpless for the last 30 minutes).