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Kristen Stewart Reportedly Signed for Snow White Sequel, Rupert Sanders Off the Franchise

Snow White and the Huntsman debuted top of the box office, eventually garnering nearly $400 million from its theatrical run, and while I didn’t have a particularly high opinion of it, I was happy that yet another an action film with a female lead was getting its money’s worth this summer. News of a sequel (disappointingly) featuring the movie’s male lead followed quickly, as anyone might expect for a monetarily successful film. What most people probably didn’t expect was the news that married director Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart were having an affair.

A sequel movie featuring both of them seemed like a PR nightmare, and rumors that Stewart would be summarily dropped from the production to save face abounded, despite the fact that the studio had announced that they’d be featuring Chris Hemsworth‘s Huntsman before news of the scandal broke and maintained afterward that they had made no decision yet regarding the sequel, still a few years off due to Hemsworth’s very busy Marvel Studios shooting schedule.

It appears now, however, at least according to Radar Online, that Stewart is on for the sequel… and Sanders is out. According to their source, Kristen is definitely signed to the SWatH sequel, and:

Rupert Sanders definitely won’t be a part of the project. Rupert didn’t want to be a part of it to begin with because he is desperately still trying to save his marriage. The search is still on for a new director.

If Radar Online is to be believed, while you can still accuse Hollywood of being nervous about female leads even when they pull big box office, you can’t say they treated Kristen Stewart as being more at fault than Rupert Sanders in their affair.

Well, at least in this specific instance.

(via Screen Rant.)

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  • Bridget

    Ugh. I was actually going to watch the sequel. I used to defend Kristen Stewart on account of Speak. But her acting in Snow White was abysmal… but so was the writing. The only bright spark in the film was Chris Helmsworth’s Huntsman and the art direction.

  • Matt Graham

    Yes! I’m so amped.

    Ask me about my Mark Brooks Snow White piece. Ask me.

  • Anonymous

    Very much hoping there is some way to resurrect Ravenna for this.

  • you guys

    Snow White…. franchise. I believe the point has been entirely missed. It’d be nice if someone could come up with an original concept for a “strong” (you know the baggage that comes with the full term,) female protagonist that isn’t based on hackneyed fanfiction changes to established fairy tales and mythology. Hell, make a biopic of Athena. Opening scene would be her exploding out of Zeus’ head in full armor. At least it would stay true to the stories. Ok, the rest of the movie would be boring, sure, but still. Athena exploding her way out of Zeus’ head. Don’t know how he got over that headache. Probably by turning into a swan and raping some woman.