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The First Two Episodes of Legend of Korra to Release Early (And Not Illegally Like They Did Earlier This Week)

Just a little while ago, after announcing the firm premiere date of Legend of Korra, the folks behind the PR for the highly anticipated sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender announced a pretty impressive promotion:

It started with a familiar request: if the fanbase could pull together 100,000 likes, shares and tweets on Twitter and Facebook, it would get a particularly special early price. Yesterday evening, those demands were met.

Which means that this Saturday, Nickelodeon will be premiering the new series online, nearly a month before its network release. The first two episodes of the series will be available for viewing on on March 24th.

This will be something of a relief for fans who’ve been staunchly resisting the temptation to check out the illicitly leaked first episode this week (and I’m not even sure if this was the first time the first episode was leaked. I seem to remember it happening some months ago as well). Indeed, the anticipation of the premiere is so bad that Korranations’ official counter of shares was hacked shortly after the contest began. Votes were subsequently returned to their actual number.

If there’s any chance of embedding the premiere episodes on The Mary Sue, you can bet we’ll have it up. Before we watch the episodes. The sacrifices we make for journalism…



  • Maxwell LaChance

    hooray legal streaming!

  • Sarah Roth

    Only in USA. They didn`t tell you that on Korranation when begging for likes.

    Korra is totally badass, and I loved that Katara was there (but there is a certain prophecy…). It was about time after M. Night Shyamalan hurt us fans so badly with his film.

  • Kaarel Jakobson

     Well, I live in Scotland and Korra Nation works for me here. Not sure what’s different for me.

  • super

    Saw it last night…Korra was pretty damn good.  

  • jackie just keeps bringing me to the tumblr