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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Olden Lore

Tyrion Lannister, River Tam, and Abed Nadir LARP Together in the New Trailer for Knights of Badassdom [VIDEO]

I remember seeing a trailer for LARP-themed comedy The Knights of Badassdom at least a year ago, and then… nothing. No news. No release date. The official website still says “coming 2012.” But at last, progress: There’s a new trailer, even though most of the footage in it is recycled from the old trailer. Whatever. Someone’s cut a new trailer and IMDB has updated its release year to 2013, so that must mean we’ll be seeing the whole movie relatively soon… right?

Please? Peter Dinklage. Summer Glau. Danny Pudi. Ryan Kwanten. Steve Zahn. Tom Hopper, who played Percival the sleeveless chainmail-wearing knight on Merlin. I really want to see this. It looks awesome.

(via: Ain’t It Cool News)

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  • Erica Chanel

    i’m so happy this exists!

  • Stephanie Kountouros

    Check the FB page for news about the production company and delays. Many of us are dying to see it!

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    There are not words for how awesome this looks.

  • Anonymous

    I went to go see Lloyd the Conqueror recently ( which was another entertaining (and super indie) take on LARPing…will we soon have enough LARP-focused movies to enable LARP movie nights? Fingers crossed!

  • Megano!

    Didst I spyest a Bryan Cranston in there also, or was it just wishful thinking?

  • imelda

    Is the succubus the fake Amanda Clarke from Revenge?

  • The Doctor

    This is just a Suburban Knights rip-off, right?

  • WheelchairNinja

    Wheelchariot costume? Awesome! I’ll have to remember that for my next ren fair.

  • Kathryn

    I was, originally, really excited to see it.

    But I watched that trailer, which was basically a refresher, and now I’m not sure. It looks like it’s just going to be another “dude” movie, and after the rather poor Your Highness I’m not sure I really want to watch another fantasy dude movie.

  • chrisdvanne

    Same old trailer as the one released at Comic Con 2011.
    Nothing new here.

  • Life Lessons

    I so want to see that. I LARP. :)

  • JaneR

    I need this in my life

  • lordofthedamned

    The movie is wrapped up in fraud. That’s why it cant be released

  • chrisdvanne

    Since a newly released so-called “official” trailer for Knights of Badassdom managed to fool people and bloggers alike into thinking that the movie will see the light soon, i figured out it is the right moment to unveil an “official” movie poster