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Be Still My Beating Heart; Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg Might Be Writing Star Wars Spinoffs Instead of Episodes VIII and IX

Hey, it’s been like a whole week since we’ve had any real Star Wars news, hasn’t it? Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, here’s an interesting tidbit: You remember how it was reported that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg would probably be writing Episodes VIII and IX? And that LucasFilm hadn’t confirmed it, but various reliable sources were treating it as a sure thing? Turns out it’s not so sure after all. As it turns out, Kasdan and Kinberg are (probably) still writing Star Wars films… but they might be spinoffs focusing on secondary characters, not Episodes VIII and IX.

Disney. Give me my Rogue Squadron movie. Or Wraith Squadron. That is also acceptable. Or both!

According to THR, Kasdan and Kinberg’s

scripts could turn into official “Episodes” in the main Skywalker storyline, or they could form the basis for spinoffs focusing on side characters. Disney CEO Robert Iger said the goal is to release a Star Wars movie “every two to three years,” and some could easily focus on other pieces of the expansive mythos (similar to Marvel’s Avengers universe).

It’s by no means a sure thing—Kasdan and Kinberg could still be writing and producing actual trilogy films—but something about this spinoff rumor makes sense to me. When the news broke that Michael Arndt would be writing Episosde VII, LucasFilm confirmed it within a day or so. And yet it’s been a week since the K&K news with nary a peep from the powers that be. Plus we already knew that there would be films beyond the sequel trilogy, even if there was no indication that they’d be happening so soon.

/Film speculates that a spinoff or two might come out between Episodes VII and VIII and again between VIII and IX, much in the same way Marvel is releasing individual character movies between The Avengers and its sequel. It may turn out not to be true, but it’s definitely interesting.

Lest we put ourselves in danger of counting our gundarks before they hatch, let’s indulge in a little brainstorming ourselves: What side character would you most like to see get their own movie? Like I’ve said, my vote is for Rogue Squadron, but Mara Jade would also be good. (Who am I kidding? Mara Jade would be excellent.) Or a pre-series Han Solo. Or Qui-Gon Jinn, maybe? Pitch me, Star Wars fans. Or is this whole spinoff idea a bunch of malarkey?

(via: /Film)

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  • Gretchen Alice

    Corran Horn! Obviously, Mara Jade would also be great. I’d love to have a Wedge Antilles spinoff.

  • John Burkhart

    Rouge 4 standing by…

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    I <3 this so much. Wedge Antilles has been my favorite Star Wars character since I picked up Rogue Squadron in the fifth grade, over fifteen years ago. And I love Corran Horn.

    Surely we can get a Rogue Squadron spin off. That would be amazing. And if they do Wraith Squardon, I need an Ewok pilot. It needs to happen.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Yub yub!

  • Anonymous

    I want a Mara Jade, just so I can have Talon Karrde.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I was never a really big fan of Corran, mainly because of the whole “SURPRISE FORCE POWERS!” thing. Did Rogue Squadron NEED to have a Jedi (or eventual Jedi?). But that’s just my preference (my non-Wedge fav is Tycho), and Corran WAS awesome in I, Jedi when he called Luke on his Jedi Academy BS.

    But basically, yes, Wedge Antilles spinoff!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Ooh, and Shada D’ukal.

  • Josh Stratton

    If they’re doing the Rogues, they’re going to HAVE to get Michael A. Stackpole!!! Even if just a consultant.

  • WonderScott

    Mon Mothma: Gladiatrix of Coruscant gets my vote.

  • Ryan Donnell

    Bounty hunters are really the only way to go here if you want Extended Universe movies. I can see X-Wing missions and they are excellent books but an entire movie might be tough. Jedi movies could work, revolving around a plot that goes into the next Episode. But we saw how well developing overarching plots went with the Prequels (snooze fest unless they can explore some interesting planets, hint hint Ord Mantell or Nar Shaddaa)

  • Rebecca Pahle

    The X-Wing books were very space battle-heavy (obviously), and that wouldn’t necessarily translate to film all that well, I’ll agree… but the intrigue involved in conquering Coruscant could be cool, and there were some similar shenanigans-on-new-planets storylines in the X-Wing comets.

    Anyway, it’s probably a moot point, as I imagine they’ll be doing completely original storylines w /probably no EU characters. I need to stop getting my hopes up so the inevitable disappointment doesn’t get me down too much. Lessons from the prequels. Thanks, George. :(

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Can Allston chime in, too?

  • The Gaf

    Boba. Fett.

  • Hannele Kormano

    You get Talon Karrde with the Rogues, too! Mirax & Booster Terrik work for him too :D

  • Ilene

    Glad to see more love for Wedge! He’s also been my favorite since I read Rogue Squadron. Ever since the announcement of the new movies I’ve been screaming Rogue Squadron at every chance. :D

    And yes to Ewok pilots!! I want to see that scene up on the big screen SO badly!

  • GeekFurious

    I don’t really care much about the spin-off idea right now, but if I had a gun to my head I’d say I want to follow the story of some Jedi from 4,000 years ago.

  • ZachA

    Max Rebo Band documentary

  • De Baisch

    Obviously, something featuring Wedge but I also want some Lando adventures from his days of owning the Millennium Falcon.

  • Angela Rivera

    +1 to Wedge Antilles. He has been my favourite since Episode IV. The only survivor who is not a main character!

  • Amanda W

    My #1 vote would also be for Rogue Squadron! Then Wraith Squadron later. Another suitable alternative would be “I, Jedi”. Or hey, just do all of them starting with Rogue Squadron and you’ve got your work cut out for you for the next decade or two.

  • kat

    You mean Rogue…right? Right? ;)