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The Folks Who Made Up This Justice League Movie Rumor Could Not Be Playing It More Safe

Ok, here we go. Warner Bros. Justice League movie will star Hawkman, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, Impulse, Terra, and Ch’P. What? That doesn’t sound right to you? That’s because it’s totally not. Pick the most obvious DC Comics characters you can and then see if they match up with the latest rumor floating around. 

The rumor comes via Latino Review. They get scoops sometimes but again, this is a completely anonymous rumor. Though at least they cite “sources” instead of pulling the information out of thin air like that Doctor Who rumor from the other day. So who are the characters they say are heading to the big screen?

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash of course.

Were you right? Probably, and that’s because they’re the best bets for a successful film franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular rumor came true but again, they are the obvious choices.

Latino Review also names Martian Manhunter and Aquaman for possible cameo appearances but we’re really no closer to knowing anything about the Justice League film than we were when it was first announced. There was a rumor Darkseid might be the villain, but again, just a rumor. We have more information on Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League populated with magic characters at this point and that film isn’t even greenlit yet.

Will Beall is writing the script but Justice League has yet to find a director and it is set to be released in 2015, the same year as The Avengers sequel so they better choose wisely.

(via Latino Review)

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  • Anonymous

    There’s not an awful lot of possibilities for the Justice League line-up. If the Avengers could have a different line-up with each new films, I’m pretty sure if all there will never be any other JL members than the characters above (okay, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Red Tornado are legitimate possibilities).
    That could be a plus. The Avengers will definitely have a problem adding every characters the people want without being over-crowded.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Four is kind of JL-lite, isn’t it? Seven, please, at least.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Psst, 5.

  • Lady Rainicorn

    I think the idea of watching a movie with Red Tornado in just brought me out in hives.

  • Captain ZADL

    I was just talking on this subject with a co-worker. He pretty much said “who the hell is the Martian Manhunter?” when I mentioned him, so I guess it’s a good idea to keep him out of it for a bit. At least until J’onn gets his own movie.

  • Captain ZADL

    Three, sire!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I completely missed The Flash, sorry. Also, counting is SO haaard.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the Marvel filmmakers are interested in what the “public” wants for the Avengers sequel since the most-discussed character seemed to be Spider-Man, who obviously can’t actually appear in the Marvel films.

    They’ll probably continue to add who they can based on what solo films they’ve produced by that point. At this point the likeliest new recruits are probably the Falcon since he’s in Winter Soldier (and is a black dude) and the Wasp, since Whedon has said he likes her a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Conversely, this could have been a good opportunity to introduce a lesser known hero like Cyborg or Martian Manhunter since they’re already offset by five well-known characters. I don’t think either of them would actively scare off viewers when you already have Superman and Batman in the movie.

    I hope this line-up isn’t final.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be very disappointed if after all that build-up for Cyborg in the comics and video games and what not, he’s excluded from the movie.
    You have five well-known properties already. Ya can’t squeeze in a little room for Cyborg? Or Black Canary? Or Vixen? Or Hawkgirl? or Black Lightning?

  • Captain ZADL

    That’s a good point, and of the two I think Cyborg would be the easier way to go, plot-wise.

  • Anonymous

    Latino Review have a reputation for being really (almost scarily) really good at smuggling out info on these types of movies. Here are a few things they ‘scooped’; Marvel making Guardians of the Galaxy, Marion Cotillard playing Talia al Ghul, Zod being Man of Steel’s villain, Legendary pictures going ahead with a Godzilla film by the guy who made Monsters. I think they’ve more then earned their reputation as the new AICN in terms of studio leaks.

    More importantly, it fits. I mean, look at the facts: Warner Bros’ is clearly rushing to get this out to compete with Avengers 2, they obviously have not even a semblance of a plan, otherwise they’d already have announced a director. This is not some novel, carefully laid out film by a handful of artists. This is a bunch of studio board members calling up some hack screenwriter and telling him:

    “Ok, we need to get this out as soon as possible. We need Batman and Superman cause those are the two that everybody knows. Ok we need some comic relief, that fast guy’s supposed to be funny right? Ok get him. Ok we need a woman to reach the female demographic and sex appeal for the teenagers. Zatanna? Black Canary? Vixen? What the hell are those? Wonder Woman’s alright. What? More Women? Nonsense, one’s enough. What? Diversity? Ummm, there’s a black Green Lantern right? My son told me there’s a black Green Lantern… There is? Wonderful, use him. Ok, now we need a bad guy. Someone to compete with that Danos guy Marvel has. What’s that? He’s actually a rip off of an old DC villain? Alright put him on there. The general public will clearly be aware they ripped us off and it won’t look like its the other way around. What’s his name? Darkseid, ooh sounds gritty and real oh and kids love misspelled names! Alright, thats it, the end. Maybe stick in a couple Easter Eggs in there to keep the fans happy.”

  • James Gardiner

    Guessing they want to keep the roster contained in size, and since most of them won’t have introductory movies, it would be risky to go with characters the mainstream didn’t know (though I’d love if Martian Manhuter was there).

  • Laura Truxillo


    I WISH Blue Beetle were in the running for the movie. Heck, he doesn’t even exist anymore.

    Honestly, I do wish DC had the balls to go with some lesser known characters in the JL movie. Maybe start it similar to the old Justice League series, or maybe just like the old JLI–the heroes everyone knows are unavailable, we’ve got These Guys.

    (Or rather, THAT Guy.)

  • Anonymous

    Sad though, as J’onn has been in JLA since issue #1, maybe not consistently, but mostly there throughout the decades.. Same thing with Pyms over in Avengers. The lack of respect for tradition is disheartening.