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Jurassic Park Theme Slowed Down 1000%

Soundcloud user Birdfeeder has added a new great to the song slowdown canon: The Jurassic Park theme slowed down 1000%.

Leave it to xkcd creator Randall Munroe to poke a few holes in the widely used “slowed down X%” nomenclature, by the way:

I know this is really pedantic, but it’s something I’m never totally sure about: What does “1000% slower” mean?

Is it being played at 1/10th the speed, and thus 10 times longer? In that case, what does 10% slower mean?

10% slower must mean 10% longer running time, right? (If it meant “played back at 90% speed”, then what would 100% slower be?) So 10% slower means it’s 110% the original length, or 1.10x running time. And so 100% slower means 2x running time. 200% slower means 3x running time. 1000% slower must mean 11x running time. But is this 10x or 11x? I suspect it’s actually 10x, which would be 900% slower, not 1000%. This is not a big deal at all, but percentages are tricky! It always gets confusing when people say things like “The player’s offensive scoring efficiency was 17% last season, but this season it’s improved 45%!” Which could mean it’s now at 25%, or that it’s at 63%. And sometimes people use it one way and sometimes the other, and sometimes it’s totally unclear.

See also: Songs slowed down 800%.

(via MeFi)

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