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Jurassic Park 4 Has Its Lady Lead

The original Jurassic Park shines in part because of the no-big-deal attitude it had towards giving its female characters important, dangerous things to do to save the day, not to mention a romantic relationship so realistically understated that I didn’t even realize it was there until watching the movie as an adult.

Hopefully this long gestating incubating sequel/reboot/do we even know yet? will continue the example set by the first.

Bryce Dallas Howard‘s involvement in Jurassic World has been rumored for a while, but it wasn’t until she mentioned it offhandedly to USA today that we had confirmation. In a conversation that mostly revolved around her relationship with her dad, Ron Howard, and whether they’d ever work together, Bryce confided:

They’re relaunching the Jurassic Park franchise, so I’ll be chasing dinosaurs. That’s going to happen next year.

Chasing dinosaurs, eh? Not the other way around? There’s very little we know about Jurassic Park IV, or Jurassic World, as it has been rechristened. But Howard isn’t the first to give the movie the “re-” prefix. Sam Neill himself says he was told that it would be a reboot. Whether we’re in for a brand new species or just a continued evolution, the movie’s going to have dinosaurs in it, and that will put my butt in a seat.

And after those final dinosaur puns I think I’ll take my leave of you. Good day.

(via USA Today.)

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  • Adrian

    Ian Malcom’s upcoming tryst at the T-Rex paddock left Triceratops dying of a broken heart…

  • Ashe

    Ooh. I was already planning on seeing this, so consider this planning on…seeing it…more. Yeah.

    I also hope the special effects don’t go the route of The Hobbit. Movies lately are relying so much on CGI it’s all starting to look plastic and fake. The first Jurassic Park STILL looks like a marvel today because they used everything at their disposal.

    Fingers crossed.

  • R.O.U.S.

    Hot damn, this might actually be really good. I’m open to it!

  • Anonymous

    So, this is the Tyrannosaur’s dessert! ;-)