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Unofficial Jurassic Park 4 Concept Art Gives Us a Weird, Weird Look at What Could Have Been

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We might have dodged a bullet when William Monahan and John Sayles‘ 2005 Jurassic Park 4 script never made it off the ground. Some recently-uncovered—but not official, according to ILM—concept art has given us a look at the truly weird movie their story concept would have resulted in. How weird, you ask? Dinosaur-human hybrids. That can use guns.

According to Reddit user sketchampm, who originally posted the pics, in the rejected script:

“…a secret genetics lab has been cross-breeding humans with dinosaurs. The result is an army of grotesque and intelligent humanoid dino freaks with problem-solving intelligence and the ability to fire automatic weapons. Yeah. Their storyline was scrapped but it apparently got much farther along in production than anyone realized.”

Hmmmm. I dunno—apparently Jurassic Park 4 is actually happening now, and this would certainly be an… interesting… way to renew the franchise. Whaddaya say, Spielberg? Is it too late for dinos with AK-47s?

(via: blastr)

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  • Stacia Evonne

    NEVER too late for dinos with AK-47s >B3. It’s a weird concept, for sure, but totally awesome <3.

  • Magic Xylophone

    This sounds like a terrible idea for a Jurassic Park sequel, and a great idea for a movie called “Dinosaurs with AK-47s.”

  • TheSquirrel

    Yeah, there was way too much science-y tedium thrown into Jurassic Park for this idea to really fit, but this is way better than Jurassic Park II.

  • Christopher Jones

    awesome, id watch

  • Rick Bman

    They should just rewrite it as a sequel to Carnosaur. I’d watch that.

  • Mark Matson


  • Myra Dolores

    Goombas from “Super Mario Bros.” movie?

  • Anonymous

    Exactly! This would be so silly and stupid as a Jurrasic Park film, but as a stand alone with a good budget and someone like a delToro directing? F*ckin’ great!

  • Magic Xylophone

    Tedium? Mr. DNA was hilarious (DAH-nuh-SARS!), and Ian Malcolm’s description of chaos theory was a brilliant scene.

  • Dlo Burns

    Are we sure this wasn’t just turned into one of the Resident Evil movies?

  • TheSquirrel

    Alright, I will admit that the movie handled that part way better and faster than the book.