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Mila Kunis Is A Space Princess In The First Jupiter Ascending Trailer

Also, Channing Tatum has elf ears. Or something. Lana and Andy Wachowski didn’t really hit it out of the park with Cloud Atlas. Here’s hoping this one this one gets a better response. Sean Bean also stars in Jupiter Ascending which probably means you shouldn’t get attached to his character.

(via EW)

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  • kinoumenthe

    As much as I love the Warchowskis, and I love them dearly, a space princess plus obligatory romance ? Meh.
    I know you can’t really trust trailers, but I surely hope there’s more to it than just that.

  • Cati V.

    I was the entire trailer hoping for no romance/kissing/sex/ scene….The idea is interesting but WHY they always have to include the stereotypical muscular dude and the damsel in distress EVERYTIME

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. She seems to spend an awful lot of time screaming and falling from high places….

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m hoping for. The trailer has so many cliches it’s ridiculous.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Oh, look at that, a sci-fi with almost people of colour in it…lovely how even the default for humanoid aliens is still white.

    And worst of all, Channing Tatum.


  • Troy Lenze

    Are we sure this isn’t come kind of Riddick tie-in? It looks like the script is about that level of quality.

  • Jennifer R.

    If I ever needed to demonstrate what I mean by “the Sexy Lamp Test,” I’ll just pull up this trailer and let it do the work for me.

  • Lizikins

    I… can’t decide if I want to see this or not. I like Mila Kunis and the story seems interesting. But then there’s Channing Tatum with elf-ish ears and lots of old cliches. I’m rather befuddled by this trailer.

  • Guest

    I have to admit, my headcanon was working overtime from the start. “Maybe she has powers of her own that she has to awaken and that will happen mid-movie and then she’ll take control and save Tatum because Lana Wachowski wouldn’t do this to us so I’m sure tha…” and on and on.

  • Adrian

    I have to admit, my headcanon was working overtime from the start. “Maybe she has powers of her own that she has to awaken and that will happen mid-movie and then she’ll take control and save Tatum because Lana Wachowski wouldn’t do this to us so I’m sure tha…” and on and on…

  • Herbert West

    “Channing Tatum has elf ears. Or something. ”

    That something would be wolf DNA, apparently.

  • Anonymous

    My headcanon has her following up that “it can be hard for people from underdeveloped worlds blahblah” line with “No shit, do you know the weirdness that has been my life? Check this out!” ::awesome Space Princess Powers:: “Nobody can deal with me, it’s about time you got here!” And then the rest of the movie is her running around being awesome. The part after she’s falling that we don’t see is her sprouting wings.

    …I kind of want this movie to be great. I may have spent too much time today thinking about this trailer.

  • Ben

    I don’t trust Wachowski trailers. They give enough story to get you hooked and then stuff the rest with visuals to show how great their movies look. I think the plot will have more than a few surprises, good or bad.

  • opalexian

    So this begs the question-if you put Sean Bean in ANYTHING, is that an auto-spoiler?

  • Joanna

    Hmm…lots of damselling going on here…

  • Amourah

    I trust the Wachowskis. Seriously. And I really really liked Cloud Atlas. I’m def going to watch this when it comes out. At the very least, it seems like a gorgeous sci-fi action flick, and since its the Wachowskis no brain-cells will be lost (like in Transformers 3 blech!)

  • Robin S

    I find it interesting that Mila Kunis’ character doesn’t say a single thing until halfway through the trailer, and then it’s one line.

  • Anonymous

    I spent the entire trailer just cringing and rolling my eyes. So many cliches abound with the damseling, and the Space Princess specialness, and how chosen she is for that specialness she’s been given/forced upon rather than took herself (or so it seems eh?), and the heteronormative romance that must happen with her badass grizzled dude protector. Eugh.

    I suppose I keep expecting more from the Wachowskis. At least more than the typical special snowflake figurehead (damsel) roles for women and things other than heteronormative relationships. Unfairly or not of me to expect it, but it’s there. This trailer plays out exactly like the plotline from Cloud Atlas (spoiler alert for Cloud Atlas ahead), where Eyebrow Dude saves the CloneSlave Woman because she is ‘unique’ and ‘special’ and becomes a symbol which elevates her to be a ‘leader’ of the Resistance. Just toss in Space Princess instead.

    Heck, even if they just gender-swapped the roles and had the lady as the war veteran and the dude as the Space Prince it’d be more interesting. Or two women or two men, plus romance sideplot.

  • MeatyStakes

    Maybe I’m being too optimistic that the romance/damseling will be some sort of red herring; but I find it suspicious that everything is so vague in terms of plot.

    Mmmmmm. Will this be a subversion? I mean they are the Wachowski’s, and their latest movie was Cloud Atlas: So they are either trying to do something more formulaic, less out there with broader “appeal”, or we are in for something ENTIRELY mind-screwy.

    And with those otherworldly graphics and vagueness, I’m optimistically inclined for the later.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Yup, my first thought watching the trailer was “Oh, that’s Sean Bean. Wonder how long he’ll last in this one?” :)

  • Anonymous

    Ridley Scott is one of the only people to ever do science fiction the way it should be done. This looks like it might have some production value and be fun but hollywood seems to focus to much on characters and not enough on the environments. Ridley Scott bashes characters against the massive overwhelming scale of the universe. His characters are dark, imperfect and in a constant struggle to survive. There are no pointy eared space elves. I want more of that kind of science fiction. I appreciate the other efforts, but I don’t think they are the most moving form.

  • Anonymous

    Now if they could get better with casting. Channing Tatum? When is that trend going away? Can it be soon, please? Remember Bound and its perfect cast?