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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Cautiously Optimistic

Sony Pictures Planning Jumanji Reboot

Before we dreamt of joining the intricate, hyper-realistic worlds depicted upon our gaming machines of choice, we dreamt of owning a copy of Jumanji. What, you mean you didn’t? Despite that board game being horrifying and potentially deadly, I always thought how fun it would be to summon an entire jungle with the roll of a dice, especially if I were playing with Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst. And now, thanks to rumors of a Jumanji reboot mentioned by Doug Belgrad, President of Columbia Pictures, supernatural board game films may no longer be a genre of the past.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Belgrad briefly mentioned the beloved 90s children’s movie (based on the 1981 children’s book) when discussing new directions for Columbia Pictures: “[My boss] has created a bit of a mandate to do more in the family space…We’re going to try and reimagine Jumanji and update it for the present.”

Oh Doug, don’t you know that it takes only one simple sentence to fuel a thousand reblogs of nostalgic Jumanji gifs on Tumblr? Frankly, I’m not sure what Jumanji in the present would look like — first of all, didn’t we already try that with Zathura, the film also based on a book by Chris Van Allsburg (author of Jumanji) that followed the adventures of children who discover a space-themed magic board game instead of a jungle-themed one? Would present Jumanji be played on an iPad? Will Robin Williams return as Alan Parrish, dismayed to see that thanks to the iTunes store and game pirating, every kid can summon lions with the roll of a virtual set of dice? Will we be looking at Jumanji: Now It’s On Facebook?

Even though reboots have a tendency to go terribly, terribly wrong (I’m looking at you, Columbia Pictures’ Amazing Spider-Man), I’m going to go ahead and say I’m cautiously optimistic for a Jumanji reboot. Even though Zathura bombed at the box-office, it was still a fun movie, and what sort of young 20-something would I be if I didn’t blindly support all things relating to the 90s and my childhood?

What about you all, would you like to see a Jumanji reboot? Will the game remain a traditional board game, or will it be modernized for this generation of tech-savvy children? Will Jonathan Hyde escape from the game and seek revenge?

(via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • Anonymous

    The bewildered elephant crushing the car is still one of my all-time favorite special effects moments… followed, of course, by “chubby out-of-breath rhino.”

    Which means, no, they shouldn’t remake it!

  • Anna Luisa Nessel

    How could you not like The Amazing Spider-Man? It was the best spidey movie yet! :)

  • Alex Cranz

    Jumanji was my JAM when it came out. I saw it twice in the theaters and maybe wanted to marry it? The epic romance (what?), Bebe Neuwirth, and a lot of really solid comedy. But I could potentially be down for a remake.

    And Zathura! I remember seeing that for Kristen Stewart because I’d liked her so much in Panic Room. Also Dax Shepherd is very solid in it.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t touch the original Jumanji, it was amazing! I used to have the Jumanji board game. It was a pretty pathetic game, but my sisters and I played it until it fell apart. We would pretend it worked like the movie, and run around the house trying to escape from imaginary animals ^_^

  • jenndark

    LOVED Zathura… Jumanji was okay. The animals looked a bit too faded. The spiders though… omigod. 

  • Anonymous


  • Cherry Davis

    I liked the Amazing Spiderman and thought it was a fun movie.  I also loved Jumanji and Zathura and it would be weird to see a reboot but if they changed the film with a new eye I’d likely go see it.

  • Anonymous

    You thought the Spider-man reboot was bad but are “optimistic for a Jumanji reboot”?! What is wrong with you?!

  • Hector Martinez

    You thought the Spider-Man reboot was bad? The original was horrific. Kristen Dunst was a terrible Mary Jane. You lost all credibility when you implied Amazing Spider-Man is worse than that garbage before it. If anything you should be optimistic because Amazing Spider-Man was a good reboot and a step in the right direction. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I am excited for a reboot. I hope it does live up to the original but most movies do not.