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Officially Official

Joss Whedon Can’t Kickstart Firefly Because He’s Too Busy Making the Rest of Your Dreams Come True

My fourth feeling when I read about [the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign] was a kind of dread. Because I realized the only thing that would be on everybody’s mind right now. I’ve said repeatedly that I would love to make another movie with these guys, and that remains the case. It also remains the case that I’m booked up by Marvel for the next three years, and that I haven’t even been able to get Dr. Horrible 2 off the ground because of that. So I don’t even entertain the notion of entertaining the notion of doing this, and won’t. Couple years from now, when Nathan [Fillion]‘s no longer [on] Castle and I’m no longer the Tom Hagen of the Marvel Universe and making a giant movie, we might look and see where the market is then. But right now, it’s a complete non-Kickstarter for me. — Joss Whedon, to Buzzfeed.

There you have it folks. Joss Whedon is too busy to work on more Firefly because he’s doing all of the other cool things you want him to do. At least not until after 2015. So set your alarm clocks.

Previously in Veronica Mars on Kickstarter

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  • Anonymous

    That’s not a “NO”, you realize. This is actually pretty cool to hear. We just need patience. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Is Kickstarter the new internet petition? IE the thing everyone immediately jumps to when their favorite show gets axed, even when it’s not likely to really do much?

  • Travis Fischer

    So what I’m getting out of this is Firefly reborn (with a fifteen year timeskip) in 2017!

  • Aeryl

    From what I’ve seen, EVERY single cast member, including Tudyk, is willing to come back.

  • Anonymous

    And I would be entirely willing to ignore his death and resume where we left off. ;)

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I can’t imagine the Kickstarter reboot thing will happen too often, if only because there’ve gotta be some rights issues with a lot of these older shows.

    Then again, it wasn’t a problem with VM, so who knows? But it is a more complicated process than Phase 1) Collect $$$, Phase 2) ?, Phase 3) Profit.

  • Steph



  • Anonymous

    It sounded like WB was just like “eeh, fuck it, go ahead” not really knowing what the result would be. I don’t know *what* to expect, but I have a feeling once studios start taking this sort of thing more seriously, they’ll find a way to throw a wrench in the works.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I’m not saying it’s realistic. I’m just saying I’m already seeing a bunch of people on various sites suggesting they do kickstarters for whatever show they like that has been cancelled, and it’s like “Guys, the Veronica Mars thing is a very unique case.”

  • Aeryl

    There was a lovely interview with Gina Torres where she talks about how she wanted to meet Zoe and Wash’s son, with red curly hair and that Zoe and “Uncle” Jayne would fight over who got to teach him guns. I say we Benjamin Buttons him, and he can play Wash Jr.

  • Anonymous

    That sounds amazing. :)

  • Anna Sophia May


  • Brian McDonald

    I realize I may be in a minority of one here, but you know, as much as I loved Firefly and Serenity, I don’t think I want to see it return. It’s been gone a while now, and Whedon wrapped it up in a satisfying (for me) fashion. If they tried to restart it now, I think it would feel like some band you liked way back when getting back together for another wheezing attempt at reclaiming their old glory. I’d much rather see Whedon do new things, far away from Fox.

  • Jack

    If you are in the minority the so am I Brian. I love firefly and always will. I don’t think bringing it back all these years later do anyone any good.

  • Zach Gaskins

    Well at least we know Joss isn’t a wartime consigliere…

  • Magic Xylophone

    I love that he made that reference.