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I Guess I Can't Argue With That

Jonathan Nolan Wants to Assure Us: His Brother Knows What He’s Doing With TDKR

So, how have you been feeling about the images you’ve seen coming from the set of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises? Underwhelmed? Confused? Infuriated? Well, Jonathan Nolan, co-writer of TDKR and its immediate predecessor as well as the brother of Christopher, would like you to know that while you might not be totally pleased with the production photos that have been leaked, you should really wait until the actual movie comes out. Remember how much you liked the other movies? Yeah, well, they probably didn’t look that great before the bells and whistles were added either.

Says Jonathan Nolan to IGN Movies:

”I think the goal with those movies is just to make something so… You know, Chris loves to shoot on these IMAX cameras, these massive cameras. As soon as you release something in the theaters, like a trailer, people go in and they record it with their iPhone or a camera, and they put it online. But when we first released that IMAX prologue for ‘The Dark Knight,’ the image was so big that no one could record the whole thing with their camera. So you have one YouTube video of the top half of it and another YouTube video of the bottom half. I think the goal with those movies and the thing that Chris is doing and just kicking ass with is making a movie so big that you couldn’t possibly fit all of it. Even in tiny little pieces, you still wouldn’t get a sense of the scale of it. I saw a little bit the other day, and the scale is just vast.”

See? If you take a picture of something cinematic with something considerably less cinematic such as an iPhone, of course it’s going to look like crap! And if you’ve never been on a movie set, here is something to keep in mind: It is amazingly boring. And lackluster. It is literally a bunch of dudes, setting up for 20 minutes for a minute-long scene that you can barely see or hear. The movie magic comes in post-production, and not one of the things we’ve seen has gotten that far yet.

So, let’s all get a tighter grip on our horses before rushing to judgment on Bane’s voice or Catwoman’s costume and remember: Christopher Nolan knows what he’s doing.

(via Screen Rant)

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  • Amanda Jean Carroll

    Actually, confused, underwhelmed and infuriated was how I felt leaving Dark Knight. The first movie delighted me with its grounding in comic books, and in assuming that Dark Knight would be the same I was left disappointed. So no, I actually wouldn’t agree that “Christopher Nolan knows what he’s doing”. In making a movie, yes! In portraying the very important other characters who are part of Gotham and therefore part of Batman? Not so much. Random, hitherto unknown love interest was added when one could have been formulated, fairly easily, from already existing characters. And don’t forget — DO NOT forget that “Ramirez”, who betrays Batman, was originally supposed to be Renee Montoya. 
    So I’m not saying that I won’t enjoy the movie, as long as I remind myself not to have expectations that re too high. But Imax cameras don’t magically remove the heels a thief is wearing because she apparently doesn’t care about her ability to remain silent while walking.  

  • Frodo Baggins

    Blah blah comics purist. If it’s a good movie, I’m not especially bothered whether it’s a literal translation of canon.

    …But okay, the high heels are pretty suspect.

  • Amanda Jean Carroll

    It’s not that I want a literal translation of canon! That would be silly. The first movie just got my hopes up, that’s all. And I’m emotionally invested in some of the characters, so I want to see them depicted well. 
    And of course, by “well”, I mean “my way”. But also just not in a crappy, lazy way.