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Jon Hamm Gives Advice to Teenage Girls, Because He Is a Grown Man and Can Offer His Perspective [Video]

For some great reason, Jon Hamm has taken it upon himself to offer advice to some teenage girls who asked questions on the internet. Because he is a grown man, and he might know a thing or two about life. Like how guys don’t care about a girl’s farts, because everyone farts. But when it comes to sex, maybe stick to just making out, because that’s “super fun.” Who are we to argue with Jon Hamm? We’re not going to argue with Jon Hamm. As he’d tell us, “Enjoy The Hunger Games!”

(via Vimeo)

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  • Joanna

    I like this guy =D

  • Ryan ‘Quavey’ Havers

    I really like his mane. :o

  • Anonymous

    Hamm is good people.

  • Mark F


  • Mark F

    Weird bicep twitch after he said ‘girls never farted’. That’s a tell.

  • Sofia Whitney

     We’re not going to argue with Jon Hamm.

  • Valerie Juarez

    This is from’s Ask A Grown Man series. They also have videos from Hannibal Buress, BJ Novak, and Paul Rudd, among others.

  • Anonymous

    That was magical.

  • Anonymous

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  • chelsea toner

    How come men telling us what to do is okay if we like him?

  • Marie

    “Use your  best judgment or find someone with better judgment.” *dies*