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John Barrowman Pitches the Captain Jack/River Song Spinoff He’d Like to See

In an interview with The TV Addict at SDCC, John Barrowman had some things to say about his ideal Captian Jack Harkness/River Song Doctor Who spinoff. To the surprise of no one and the delight of all, it appears that he’s put considerable thought into the probably-won’t-ever-exist-sorry-but-it’s-true show. See if you agree with what he wants behind the cut.

Says Barrowman:

“I’d like to see the two of them prior to their lives crossing in some time realm where they actually meet up without the Doctors or anything like that and they are rogue heroes. Kind of like what Star Trek did in the very beginning, going around and saving civilisations without trying to get too involved, but they always get involved! They always do the wrong thing but for the right reasons and succeed.”

Referencing Star Trek in discussing a Doctor Who spinoff? Nerdgasm!

Because we’re taking Captain Jack and River here (and Barrowman, for that matter), of course he also had something to say on the show’s potential romantic vibe:

“I think there would be a lot of standing off between the two of them to begin with, because they are two very, very strong characters. Very flirtatious! There would be a lot of innuendo going on. I think they would not do anything with each other for a long time because it would be too predictable. They have to be confined in a spaceship for a little while.”

I’d watch it.

Barrowman then brought the whole thing back down to Earth, saying “It’s not up to me… It’s up to the BBC. If they know enough that you want those characters back, they’re smart. But it has to be done right and done well… it’s up to [the BBC] to get the show off the ground. It’s down to financing and money.”

I’d say our chances of getting a Captain Jack/River Song spinoff aren’t very good, but at least we know if it ever happens there’s one actor the BeeB won’t have to deal with lengthy contract negotiations for. Says Barrowman: “I’ll play Captain Jack at the drop of the hat if I’m asked to. No questions asked.”

If we don’t get a spinoff, can they at least meet at one point, BBC? Please?

(via: blastr)

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  • Anonymous

    The BBC turned down the spinoff after the pilot episode caused everyone’s head who watched it to explode with awesomeness.

  • Diana van der Pluijm

    Yes to Captain Jack. No to River. A one-time meet-up would be okay, but not an entire series focusing on the two of them.

  • Mike Chen

    I hope they could use the vortex manipulator to erase Torchwood: Miracle Day from existence.

  • Jeff Demos

    Yes please. More Jack in any form.

  • Anonymous

    ohhh brilliant! Please BBC, do this! I’ve always imagined that River got her Vortex manipulator from Jack :D

  • Jason A. Quest

    It should be called “Crowd Hoot”.

  • Nat

    More captain Jack but I can pass on River.

  • Mark Matson

    And here I was thinking more River and less Jack.

    Actually, I liked Jack a ton through all of Doctor Who and Torchwood… until Miracle Day happened. I never did get to the ending of that one.

  • Brittany K

    I want this so much. Tbh I would be happy if they could just meet though, sigh.

  • syradobomako

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    Actually, I liked Jack a ton through all of Doctor Who and
    Torchwood… until Miracle Day happened. I never did get to the ending
    of that one.

  • LifeLessons

    Yes to this show. Yes yes yes.

  • LifeLessons

    I would like to second that suggestion.

  • Lucine

    What is this Miracle Day you speak of? My Captain Jack would never have been in a horrible mini-series called Miracle Day where they made it so no one could die.

  • Derek Myroniuk

    I don’t imagine this would happen, but I would SO watch this if it did.

  • Hollyanna

    Agreed. River had so much unused potential. That’s a character ripe for a spinoff.

  • J.P.

    Alternate pitch:

    - Revive Torchwood
    - Create new spinoff show The Paternoster Gang with Jenny, Vastra and Strax as regulars and River’s library ghost as a recurring character
    - Have the two spinoffs cross over with one another and with the main show and create a strong continuity unlike the impossible-to-reconcile-with-the-main-show Miracle Day
    - Have Jack make out with Strax

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see this. I think the chemistry between the characters would be really good. A lot like Jack/John, but with a less evil River.

  • Mattias Berntson

    I’ll take Miracle Day over the two most recent seasons of Doctor Who, no matter how dumb the mortality reversal thing was at its core.

  • .GONNY

    This would be the perfect show for BBC America to produce. Film it in Vancouver and get all the BSG/Supernatural/Stargate guest actors it could. Would pair quite nicely with Orphan Black, too.

  • Adam Taylor

    I want to watch this show. NOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who loved Miracle day?

  • Anonymous

    Of course she did!

  • Anonymous

    So we get River Song, Jack, Strax, Jenny and Vastra all together? YES. Do we also get no Moffat? :)

  • Anonymous

    Many times yes.

  • Mike Chen

    It started off with a great concept. My issue with it was that it either needed to be shorter (fewer episodes, tighter focus on main plot) or longer (more episodes to cover the subplots that just disappeared). Also, I found Rex and Esther to be generic characters that just didn’t connect the way the old Cardiff team meshed.

  • Eleonora Bernkastel Mittiga

    I’d love it!

  • ankharra

    I would love to see this. I’ve finally started watching “Torchwood,” and Jack and River would be awesome in a show together.