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There And Back Again

Jennifer Lawrence was Galadriel on Saturday Night Live [VIDEO]

There was an obligatory The Hunger Games sketch on the Jennifer Lawrence-hosted Saturday Night Live last night, but in terms of the lulz I prefer the Hobbit sketch based on the premise that Peter Jackson splits up the remaining two movies into nine films apiece. I loved An Unexpected Journey, but I’m not sure I’d watch Hobbit 2: Journey to the Beginning of the Walk to Smaug’s Lair. I’d definitely be up for The Hobbit 11: Trying to Split a Complicated Dinner Bill, though. Lawrence as Galadriel is hilarious.

For even more JLaw, the Hunger Games sketch is behind the jump.

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  • The Goodwill Geek

    You are being an Elfish B***H!

  • Ana Laura Lopes

    Damn you Hulu for not streaming outside US. Hate you.

  • Anonymous

    “NO WE’RE NOT!”

  • Bridget

    Not JLaw’s fault, but definitely one of the worst SNLs in a long time. And that’s saying a lot. I think we laughed maybe twice during Weekend Update and that’s it.

  • Uriah Romero

    The Hobbit skit was one of the really funny skits from the other night. Jennifer Lawrence did a good job considering the writing of the skits. I was working late at DISH on the night she hosted, so I couldn’t see it live. I programmed my DISH Hopper DVR to automatically record the show for me, and I still caught it before my friends ruined it for me. It’s nice knowing I can have the whole season of SNL plus others since my DVR will hold up to 2000 hours of recordings.

  • Magic Xylophone

    If I had to cast Lawrence as a Middle Earth race, I’d definitely say Hobbit. She’s got that round, good-natured face, and she’s like four feet tall.

  • Laralock

    You have a worldwide audience girls. Pelase, don’t use Hulu :(.

  • Laralock

    You have a worldwide audience girls. Please, could you provide an alternative source if available? Hulu won’t share its goods outside USA.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Perhaps you could try writing to Hulu? Most of the time, there is not an alternative source available, especially since Hulu has a deal with NBC.

  • Emily Martin

    “I loved An Unexpected Journey, but I’m not sure I’d watch Hobbit 2: Journey to the Beginning of the Walk to Smaug’s Lair.”

    You take that back >:C

  • Laralock

    Actually I found a way to watch it with a chrome extension. Great news :D