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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Suburgatory Star Jane Levy Lands the Lead Role in Evil Dead, Replacing Lily Collins

Up-and-comer Jane Levy, who currently stars on the ABC show Suburgatory, has taken the lead female role in the Evil Dead remake, replacing Lily Collins, who vacated the role due to scheduling issues. By looking at her (because I have not yet seen Suburgatory, and I feel like I might be missing out), it looks like she will be channeling either her inner Emma Stone or her inner Kristen Stewart. It’s really hard to make predictions, because as exciting as it is to see a female lead in the Evil Dead, we’re talking about Evil Dead without Ash in it. Hmmmm.

Levy, 22, will be playing Mia, a recovering drug addict who is spirited away to the notorious Evil Dead cabin by her brother, Paul, who we learned on Friday will be played by another newcomer, Shiloh Fernandez. Three other characters, including Paul’s fiancée, join the siblings. As of right now, none of those parts have been cast yet, and it’s probably safe to say that they will also be played by little-known, young actors. Nothing wrong with that, let’s just hope they have pages on IMDb and Wikipedia. Because if they don’t, they might not officially exist, you know?

In addition to her role on Suburgatory (which also co-stars Twitter-verified Ana Gasteyer, Jeremy Sisto, and Alan Tudyk), Levy had a five-episode arc on Showtime‘s Shameless and is set to appear in two movies, Fun Size (which also features Chelsea Handler) and Nobody Walks. She is mostly known for her comedic skills, so it’s probably going to be a stretch for her to do a horror movie, albeit an Evil Dead movie. Evil Dead movies, at least the ones that were directed by Sam Raimi and starred Bruce Campbell, were still horror movies, but with an underlying layer of Stooges to keep it fun. (Not necessarily “light.”) This could very well be the case if Diablo Cody is involved (which she is, as a co-writer).

Then again, it’s extremely early in Levy’s career. And this is a very controversial remake (for Evil Dead purists). So, I’ll just go ahead and stop wondering about this, because it will drive me insane.

(via Deadline)

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  • Anonymous

    Why do you feel the need to unfairly compare her to other young red head or non-blonde actresses without knowing a single thing about her? Are you basing your assumption that she’s “channeling” her inner whoever solely on this picture? I really don’t get it, and it irritates the crap out of me to see stuff like this.

  • Christopher Holden

    She’s good on Suburgatory, but is far better and nearly unrecognizable on Shameless, where she plays a much darker, more intense character, which allows her to better demonstrate her acting chops.I have a feeling she will actually do a terrific job in the Evil Dead remake.

  • John Wao

    Suburgatory is a decent show. It’s sort of a take on Mean Girls.

  • Cami Jo

    God forbid anyone EVER channel Kristen Stewart. not as if there is enough liveliness in her to channel anyhow

  • Ribeana Suds

    Definitely more Emma Stone than KStew. Levy will be in a category all her own someday.