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Hugh Jackman In Talks For Blackbeard In Warner Bros’ Peter Pan Origin Story

Watch out, Pan. Wolverine’s comin’. 

We’ve been following this news for about a month now. Warner Bros. is planning a Batman Begins-style origin film for Peter Pan (called Pan) while a few other Lost Boy projects swirl around Hollywood. This particular project is being written by Jason Fuchs, produced by Greg Berlanti (Arrow) and directed by Joe Wright (Atonement, Hanna).

Then we found out Captain Hook wasn’t going to be the Big Bad in this particular film and that Warner Bros. wanted Javier Bardem to play the pirate Blackbeard instead. Whether that was completely a rumor or they’ve just changed their minds isn’t known but now they’re looking at Hugh Jackman.

The Hollywood Reporter says the X-Men star is in negotiations to take on the role and describes where this new version of the story will lead us. “The script by Jason Fuchs sees Pan and the man who becomes Hook as friends, with Hook a member of the crew on Blackbeard’s pirate ship,” they write, “Blackbeard is the villain of the piece, with the friends teaming up to take him down. However, a rift between the two soon develops, and diverging paths are taken.”

Who do you think would make a better Blackbeard – Bardem or Jackman?

(via Empire)

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  • Janna


  • Marie

    Second full paragraph, last sentence: “isn’t *known*”

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Thank you!

  • Marie

    no problem! Sorry if I sounded curt. I was fighting with my tablet keyboard.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Not at all, it’s actually one of the nicest corrections we’ve ever received, haha.

  • Anonymous

    Both are good at what they do and I am sure I would enjoy either. Although I will admit that I am more interested in what Bardem would do with the role.

  • Tiny Tina Booom

    Hugh Jackman! I can’t stand Bardem (as most Spaniards )

  • Anonymous

    Again- J.M. Barrie originally wanted the mother to play Captain Hook. Why waste time and effort to shoehorn Blackbeard when a woman pirate will also cover your ass from a lawsuit and also respect J.M. Barrie’s true vision.

    Raquel Cassidy for Captain Hook!