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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The First Trailer for Iron Man 3

In the rules of tripartite storytelling, the second installment is the darkest, and if what is shown in this trailer is any indication at all, we might be looking at the spiritual Iron Man 2 here.

Also now that I’ve highlighted that there is a giant bunny in this shot, you’ll never be able to ignore it. Watch it below!

(via Comics at the Movies.)

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  • Jill Pantozzi


  • Giu Alonso

    That’s one creepy bunny.

  • david mancha

    present for the hulk

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    The Iron Patriot paint job looks great, but I’m not loving Tony’s new look…or Kingsley’s Osama beard.

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Shouldn’t Pepper have her own armor for emergencies?

  • Jamie Jeans

    … uh… what the hell was that?

    Good lord, it’s like the writers from the Dark Knight got involved.

    “Everything MUST be dark! Everything! Oh, and get Ben Kingsley to play an Asian villain. He’s so good he can transcend ethnicity!”

  • Samantha Davis

    Correct me if I am mistaken, but isn’t The Mandarin half English as well? Kingsley’s father was born in Kenya and was of Indian descent. While that is definitely not the same thing, I don’t find it strange for Kingsley to be cast in the roll.

  • Sarah

    Yup The Mandarin’s mother was English. With an Indian father and a mother of European descent, Ben Kingsley does have a half Asian background like The Mandarin.

  • Sarah

    Considering The Manchurian was often drawn with a fu manchu mustache, I can understand how they wanted to give him facial hair, but not one that is a stereotype for Asian characters. It’s a whole lot of beard though.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    It’s sort of incongruous with his Persian rug outfit, too.

  • Laura Truxillo

    In case she needs to rescue Tony or something…

  • Jayne

    in the comics she does, her code name is “Rescue”. Here is a picture:

  • Life Lessons

    OMG! I missed the bunny but I am so gonna be there for the midnight showing!!!

  • Brian Adkins

    I don’t see this being any “darker” than the other two. Wonder which one won the bunny? lol

  • Jamie Jeans

    So… India = China? Because those two counties have the exact same culture, history, language, etc etc etc…

    I guess I should have been more specific in saying that they got Ben Kingsley to play a Chinese villain. And lets not mention that despite being biracial, Ben Kingsley is pretty white-passing, whereas the Mandarin clearly looks Chinese.

    And even putting aside the rather troubling image of having a person of colour as a villain, a tradition long held not just in comics but in other media as well, this is yet another example of HollyWood whitewashing.

  • Anonymous

    I caught the bunny the first time – it was all I could see…

  • Abby Fisher

    Asian to English folks also includes Indians.

  • Sarah

    Looking at his costuming and that facial hair, I think they wanted to avoid making a character that could be blatantly racist in regards to China. It’ll be interesting to see the full portrayal or a longer trailer.

  • Sarah

    I wonder if they want to modernize The Manchurian, like how they switched the enemies of his origin story to be not the Communists, but terrorists.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    That’s another thing that they’re sort of glossing over…the terrorist cell in the first film was called “The Ten Rings” in homage to the Mandarin, because he wears, yanno, ten rings. So, I’m wondering if there’s going to still be a connection between the cell and the Mandarin, or if they just hope we ignore it. I’m willing to ignore it.

  • Sarah

    I actually didn’t know that. I’m more DC than Marvel. I need to get some Iron Man trades other than Demon in a Bottle.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I’ve only been on the bandwagon for the recent “Star Resilient” storyline. All of my Iron Man knowledge comes from the 90′s cartoon.