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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Giant Plush Bunny Returns in this Teaser for Iron Man 3‘s Superbowl Spot

Football happens this weekend. The football. And nerds know, that’s when the biggest summer movie releases blow their wads on extended Superbowl ads and we can reasonably expect a lot of trailers and teasers to drop. Disney’s just released both a new poster for Iron Man 3 and a teaser for its Superbowl ad, and while I can hear you saying “ugh, another teaser for a trailer,” with both of these items, the delight is in the details. Take this poster for example. (Click for high rez.)

What happens if you flip Tony upright to take a good look at his facial expression?

You get a man who is absolutely livid at the ground. Somehow, this is all going to be Dummy’s fault.

And, to my delight, this very brief teaser includes another look a the mysterious giant bunny in Tony’s Malibu dream house:


  • LadyAquill

    Forget the Bunny! Who’s the girl on the left at 0.03/0.04?

    (My guess is Tony’s illegitamate daughter via a one night stand) XDD

  • Anonymous

    Maya Hansen maybe?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not digging the Iron Patriot look but I’m happy Rhodey is back.

  • Aeryl

    Is it just me, or does the bunny look different. I don’t think that Maya was in that shot in the last trailer either. But the last time the bunny had something in his chest, that was speculated to be a plush arc reactor, but now it has a cape too.

    OK, no, I went back to here, and the bunny looks the same.

  • TKS

    Film crew member who didn’t realize she was in the shot. I mean, did you see how she bolted from the frame?

  • Roy Red

    The bunny is probably a gift from Tony to Pepper, nothing relevant!
    Perhaps they’ll use it as means to dramatize the loss and drestruction of his mansion but its just a friggin’ bunny