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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Great Hera!

Iron Man 3 Lego Set Shows Pepper [Spoilering] a [Spoiler] [Spoilers]

Because the last time we talked about this openly, despite the fact that people on the movie have laid some serious hints, we’ll keep this under wraps. The LEGO set “Iron Man 3 Malibu Mansion Attack” features minifigs for Tony Stark, Iron Man Armor, Pepper Potts, the Mandarin, and a sinister accomplice. But it’s a detail of the box art that we’re really interested in here.

That’s Pepper Potts, wearing an Iron Man suit. Pepper doesn’t get her own suit in the lego set, this is simply what the suit minifig looks like with Pepper’s head on it, but this would be a pretty strange detail for toy box art if it doesn’t appear in the movie. A new trailer for Iron Man 3 is set to debut in a few days, and has already leaked (albeit in poor resolution and with Spanish dialogue). And even though we probably would have heard already if Pepper was suiting up in it, I still haven’t lost all hope. You can catch the complete picture of the box art, and photos of all the minifigs on Flicker here.

(The Brothers Brick via Tipster Paul.)

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  • Kathryn

    Well, I can pretend it’s Rescue and I shall.

    Rescue is awesome.

  • Bethany Dean

    This might be the smoked salmon and Relentless I just downed in a futile attempt to scrape together enough energy for this essay I’m not doing… but isn’t that Tracy Island in the first shot?

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    As long as she isn’t referred to as Rescue, I’m thrilled. I realize most of the good super names are taken, but referring to them by a function is just, ugh, so lazy. Might as well rename Spider-Man, Climb or Swing. Batman could be Detect.

  • Ryan Colson

    It’s from the scene in the trailer when Mk42 wakes Pepper up. It steals her body since it’s sentient and Extremised out!

  • Martin Pelletier

    Oh, there had better be a LEGO giant bunny…