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To Boldly Go

J.J. Abrams Says Dr. Carol Marcus Won’t Be Relegated To Love Interest In Star Trek. Gives Another Huge Detail Away.

J.J. Abrams hasn’t been giving many details about Star Trek Into Darkness but he has said some interesting things about Dr. Carol Marcus. Oh, and he just happened to confirm whether or not we’ll be seing the Klingons this time around. 

Actress Alice Eve had already been confirmed to be playing Dr. Carol Marcus in the sequel. Star Trek fans know the character from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where we learned of her relationship with James T. Kirk and subsequent pregnancy. In an interview with MTV, Abrams gave a few details on what we can expect from her this time around.

“[Kirk] meets her fairly early on and again she plays a science officer, she’s someone who is part of the adventure,” he said. “I think Chris [Pine] is right, it’s a hard thing to…because it’s very much an action adventure movie and once that gets going it’s a difficult thing to sort of park the story and say, you know, let’s do a romantic interlude. But there is a…her role is important or she wouldn’t be in the movie otherwise.”

Sounds good to me.

Don’t want to know whether or not Klingons will be in the movie? Stop reading here, spoilers ahead.

While rumored last summer, Abrams also confirmed Klingons are definitely in the film, which we previously heard from someone who had seen a bit of footage. Silas Lesnick tweeted, “They do have forehead ridges but with ornamental piercings and facial hair out of the original series!”

Abrams told MTV, “They are back in this one.” He continued, “Their role in this is definitely that of adversary but, and you’ll see how they play out, but again, you don’t have to know that prior. You dont’ have to know anything about any preexisting stories to watch this film.”

(via Collider)

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  • Captain ZADL

    I want to like this film. I really do. Please let it be good! Please!

  • Anonymous

    There’s a Klingon in the trailer so I’m not sure that rises to the level of spoiler.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I haven’t caught that. Which trailer, what time mark?

  • Anonymous

    Watch the Teaser Trailer , 21 seconds in, and look closely at who the Cumberbatch character is fighting.

  • Rebekah M. Jones

    Anyone else disappointed they seem to be trying to give the two male leads fairly permanent love interests? I could be wrong, but, I mean…. Having a Dame per episode is different then having a dame throughout an entire movie when there aren’t nearly as many movies as episodes.

    I mean, Kirk is supposed to be single-ish (either having the eternal bromance and epic bromance with McCoy and Spock respectively, or low-key epic kinda platonic-ish romance that they would sacrifice everything for with Spock depending on what type of fan you are and how you read stuff in ToS). And it kinda smacks of “NO HOMO NO HOMO” since everyone knows that Spock and Kirk are the Granddaddies of slash. Plus, it just seems lazy writing. “We need plot! Instead of focusing on the current friendships and unfold them, we will add in ROMANCE because ROMANCE is always required!” I feel like it’s just gonna take away from the relationships we actually care about.

    BUT, I could be totally wrong and J.J. Abrams could surprise my cynical self.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Oh wow, I can see why I missed it, haha. Always better safe than sorry with spoilers though, I’m sure a lot of people didn’t catch that.

  • Rich Civil

    I’d say judge the film after you have seen it. Pine and Abrams have both said there is little time for romance in the film.

  • Rebekah M. Jones

    Then what’s the point of the romance if it’s just a sidenote and not even seemingly plot relevant? And even minus time spent, all my other worries are still there about this choice.

    I mean, I didn’t say the movie was going to be suck. I’m not judging the movie at all. Right now I am side-eying the choices and wondering how it will affect the character arcs. Speculating about what is up is what these posts are all about dawg.

  • Ali Jamar Taylor

    The article clearly says that the new version of Dr. Carol isn’t going to solely exist as a love interest. The relationship the article referenced was the previous incarnations of Dr. Carol and Captain Kirk in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

    Please read the article carefully before griping about something that isn’t going to happen.

  • Rebekah M. Jones

    …Perhaps you should have read what I said?

    I know the article said that. But introducing a entirely new character, adding in a unneeded romance which will take up some time which can be used elsewhere, this could all leave other characters with less time. I would have to see how the plot unfolds, but I tend to be on the side of focusing on the characters you have vs. adding in new ones whenever possible.

    What I said bothered me was the potential for disaster I see, mostly because I have not been impressed with how Abrams has handled romance in the past (Uhura and Spock was a potentially good idea, I just felt it was handled a bit clunkily for instance. I have mixed feelings on it). Personally, it’s just my annoyance that we always have to have this romance plot going on in a movie. Even if it doesn’t take up much time, which then kinda makes it bloated and usually is then used as a shoehorned in reason for why a character does something.

    Yes, I will have to see how things turn out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speculate on how it might turn out.

  • loghaD 

    Aye, and it’s been confirmed at a press event that some of the scenes take place on Qo’noS (the Klingon homeworld).

    Oh, and if want to geek it up a bit – and we most certainly do – Kre-O has released a Klingon Bird-of-Prey model that closely matches a ship seen in one of the trailers.

  • DarthLocke4

    I kind of think what Mr. Abrams is saying, thinking about the fat that the film is suppose to make us cry and obviously be more dark, is that I think the idea is that there is potential for love, but it keeps getting destroyed for all kinds of reasons. To some degree the writers are going to explore an alternate angle in comparison to the previous relationship in the other time line. It will be interesting to see if they still have a child and/or if she keeps the truth from him….

  • DarthLocke4

    I’d disagree because one can argue that this character “could have been” way more important to Kirk in the previous time line given there was a history there had certain things been different, –>which is the point in exploring an alternate reality.

    Mr. Abrams and Bad Robot do usually explore romantic relationships in their works, but I think it’s often done in an interesting way, because it’s the extraordinary circumstances that perhaps brings people together in interesting ways. I mean if someone is honest with themselves, the idea of wanting to have or need someone, isn’t something exclusive, but given whom this character is, who Kirk has ever been, and the title, I’m inclined to think that the love story here, is more about the potential for one, rather than it being something shoved in our face. That these two people maybe are ships passing in the night, but they couldn’t have made it through this dark time without each other. I think it will be interesting to see if their relationship ends the same way.

  • DarthLocke4

    I’m with @facebook-508746415:disqus here. Star Trek (like many of Bad Robot’s works) has been in the vein of being pro humanism and often an empirical exploration of humanity (looking at what humanity is). There are many reasons why someone would want to be with someone, whether it’s just in the moment, or more long termed, but ultimately it has to do ‘with the future’…future for children and a promise of a better tomorrow. It’s not a new concept, but it’s one we often hope for. Given what we have seen of John Harrison, including the family hospital scene, we see that Harrison’s role plays with that idea (genetics, cures, ect), but ultimately he seems to be creating ‘darkness’ (He threatens to take everything ‘good’ away). So being able to have someone or something to hold onto in a time of darkness, could make or break the outcome. That might be one of the themes of this film. -But Bad Robot/J.J. Abrams is known for strong complicated female leads and intriguing scientists. Carol Marcus won’t be just a love interest, she’ll be a key player in something…

  • Anonymous

    They don’t need to reduce Marcus to a love interest: they already did that to Uhura.