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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

International Trailer For Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gives Us More Peter Parker (And That’s Good)

This trailer is leaps and bounds better than the first one we saw. Why? Because this one let’s Andrew Garfield shine as Peter Parker.

(via io9)

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  • Cy

    I haven’t laughed at a trailer in awhile. This is the kind of humor I felt was missing from the previous incarnation.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. The lack of angst here is palpable, and actually a bit fun.

  • Jamie Jeans

    I do admit that Andrew Garfield is really fun here as Peter Parker, but if they don’t fix up the flaws from the first film, this movie will not work.

  • Dara Crawley

    This….is better!

  • Anonymous

    It looks so fun. But I have the sinking feeling that Gwen is dooooooooomed.

  • Anonymous

    Fun trailer and I’m looking forward to this. This trailer alone reinforces the fact that Andrew Garfield is miles better than Tobey in the first Trilogy.

  • Charlie

    The humour is one of the best things about Spidey this trailer seems a lot more fun than the other.

  • TKS

    Could you elaborate?

  • TKS

    After seeing the trailers (both with and without angst) I am excited. While I enjoyed them, I felt like the first trilogy was more focused on being a Sam Raimi movie than a Spider-Man movie.

  • April

    So getting tired of trailers with Hard Driving Action Music blotting out everything.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    Personally I like the Rhino armour suit. That was something that never quite made sense to me in the comics or cartoon. This looks like it’ll actually have some sort of practical design to it.