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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Belongs in a Museum!

How Should Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Have Ended? Hint: More Dead Nazis [VIDEO]

Be sure to stay past the credits. Trust me on this.

(via: Laughing Squid)

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  • Bittersweet Fountain

    All of the HISHE videos are amazing. I’m particularly fond of any of the ones that include Superhero Cafe.

    And the Captain America one changed the way I view the end of that movie. It’s amazing.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    That opening bit was awesome XD

  • Melissia

    That was the greatest thing ever.

    Of all time.

  • TKS

    “Watch past the credits” For me, this doesn’t need to be said. THANKS MARVEL.

  • AnnaB

    I think I completely lost it when the Nazi said, “That is kinda messed up, Fraulein.”