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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Real Story of Independence Day

Most of you will be familiar with the award winning documentary Independence Day, featuring the talent of Agent J, Ian Malcolm, Lone Starr, President Laura Roslin, Data, Randy Quaid, and more.

But Independence Day, for reasons of national security, could not be completed, at the time, as a completely accurate portrayal of the events of July 4th, 1996. The events of the day have since been unclassified, and we bring you now, the true story.

Admit it, you never really bought that an alien civilization could be brought down by a virus from a power book anyway.

(via Reddit.)


  • Bel

    Psssst- putting “rickroll” in the URL kind of ruins it!

  • NarcoSleepy

    I can buy the whole “bring down an alien civilization with a virus”.  I just don’t buy the part where it was created on a power book.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I was hoping people wouldn’t notice that…

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous