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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

There Can Be Only One

Learn What It Would Really Be Like to Be Immortal With This Animated TED-Ed Video

TED Education has compiled seven stylish animated videos explaining what it would be like if we actually had some of the more typical super powers, like flight, super speed, invisibility, and immortality.  Learn why regeneration might actually be an excellent idea above, and check out your favorite power over at the TED blog.

(via TED Blog)
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  • Gordon Borland

    I was lead to believe that immortality would involve an inordinate amount of sword fights as well as increasingly illogical sequels.


    Watched all the videos! Very entertaining and educational. :)

  • Anonymous

    “The Curious Case of Dorian Harkness” ecwudt

  • Anonymous

    I DREW THIS! I totally drew the immortality video illustrations (I didn’t animate them, that was someone else). I can’t believe I just stumbled across my own work on the Mary Sue. I’ve arrived :)

  • Eric Schulke

    We remember things from our youth, and an 80 year old remembers more stuff about when they were 50 years old than a 40 year old remembers about being 10 years old. Then also, we’ll have plenty of add ons like bionic limbs, dentures that are better than regular teeth, etc. It also seems very likely that we’ll have the option to do things like spur this or that hormone or protein or whatever it may be to regrow strong teeth for as long as we want. This video is a limited and linear, fear of the unknown perspective. If you dig into these concepts and think about them more then youll see that theres nothing to be any more afraid of than day to day living already is. There are only brightly lit horizons and we are on our way. Now focus, start helping out with this stuff and lets obtain indefinite life extension for ourselves so we can experience more of the big picture of this incredible existence and the ever unfolding wonders of an increasingly more scientific and technological world.