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Ian McKellen Kicks Off The Colbert Report’s Hobbit Week, and a Puppy for Everyone Else

The Colbert Report is going Hobbit themed all this week, so lets be honest: we’re probably going to be posting every interview he does. So, like when Doctor Who was running Pond Life every day for a week, we’ll package the clips with cute videos for everyone else.

Everybody likes cute videos. Only some people like videos where Ian McKellen says that Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto, though there should probably be more of them.


To see another clip of the episode where Colbert gets a little flirtatious with a prop, check out The Hollywood Reporter.

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  • Anonymous

    Andy Serkis was on Ron & Fez (On the Opie and Anthony channel on Sirius XM) today. Ron revealed that he sat behind Colbert at the premiere, who was bouncing-in-his-seat giddy. Andy marveled at the breadth and depth of Steven’s knowledge of Ringlore.

  • thecynicalromantic

    In the Hobbit clip when they were talking about swords and Gandalf was all like “And I hope you never have to, but if you do, remember this,” my brain supplied “Stick ‘em with the pointy end.” #fandommixup

  • Life Lessons

    Of cours Gandalf is stronger than Magneto!

  • Anonymous

    Sir Ian is wearing really cool socks