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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fans Do Cool Things

Say Hello To Not Literally’s “I Ship It,” Your New Fandom Anthem

Sometimes I ship canon pairings in a reasonable and orderly fashion, and other times I…well, I do this.

(via: io9)

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  • Vian Lawson

    Is it confession time? Oooooh, goody!

    So, it’s Paris, 1916, and Young Indiana Jones (TM) is visiting friends of his father. And they turn out to be Servalan and Palpatine. I ship them soooo hard. Because you know they’d be great together. Even when they betrayed each other they’d do it with deep care in their withered black hearts. And imagine the make-up sex.

    (Well, OK, it was Jaqueline Piesse and Ian McDiarmid … in the words of the song, I don’t care.)

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    I love all of their songs and this one is just hilarious and true!!!

    Clint/Coulson forever.

    (Also shouldn’t the title read “Not Literally’s ‘I Ship it’”?)

  • Anonymous

    That was adorable.

  • jraff

    at 1:30, you can see Toph and Iron Man together… I would totally ship those two together, they make so much sense!

  • Travis

    I don’t ship cross franchises, but yeah, in pretty much any media I absorb I’ll zero in on a “ship” right away. Which can backfire when things don’t go as I hope…

    Goddamn Digimon

  • Nirali

    ClintCoulson is life.

  • Anonymous

    Swan Queen wins all of the polls and you other “Once Upon a Time” shippers can suck it!

  • Anonymous

    Swan Queen wins all of the polls and you other “Once Upon a Time” shippers can suck it!

  • Anonymous

    So catchy! Now I’ve got a “Gonna search for fanfic” song!

  • Anonymous

    Stark Spangled Banner — that way you don’t have to choose between Stony and Science Bros!

  • Iron Woman

    BlackFrost all the way! :D I think Natasha and Loki would be perfect together – if we could ever get them to talk, they’d see how similar they are!

  • Kris

    All these crazy pairings…. you might say this post is a shipping magnet.

  • Anonymous

    Violet Hunter & Sherlock Holmes

  • Robin S

    This is Tumblr in a pop song.

  • Alice Ruppert

    I really want to love the song because of its content, but I cant… I absolutely hate the original and their voices in the chorus sound way too distorted.

    Cool thing, but I’m not gonna listen to this a second time.

  • Raerae

    My first crackship where the characters barely interacted was Yohji/Schuldig from Weiss Kreuz. I owe it to a decent fanfiction I came across.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    This is totally my shipping song.

  • Elizabeth Wells

    At first i thought it was weird, but Clint/Coulson just makes so much SENSE, and is honestly some of the best Avengers fic out there.

  • Nirali

    The fic is amazing, I agree. I’m pretty sure over half my bookmarks on AO3 are Clint/Coulson.

  • Bittersweet Fountain

    Agreed! Clint/Coulson fic is usually amazing. I too was skeptical when I first heard about it but now, out of all the Avengers pairings, it’s the one that makes the most sense to me.

  • Anonymous

    It really is!

  • Charlie

    ‘You’re on the canon ground, I’m up in crack ship space’ pfffft. Once I saw Simms Master x FemLoki on Tumblr. I decided that was enough internet for the day.

  • Sychaeus

    pink haired babies!
    (a youth well spent at schnoogle)

  • javakoala

    “back in the day”? That’s still my fav crack!ship.

  • Robert Vary

    Well, she IS the first metal-bender.

  • Mark Brown

    My one and only crack ship is Toph/Gaara. The Earthbender and the Sand Ninja.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t *usually* do crossover ships. But I’ve kind of always been in favor of Where’s Waldo (or Wally, depending on what country you live in) falling for Carmen Sandiego; it’d be torture for the guests trying to find their wedding, though. I think the hotel is located in the capital of Argentina… but it looks almost exactly the same as all the other hotels except it has glasses.

  • Anonymous

    Dangit, while this song could apply to my fav *Supernatural* pairing, I also see a lot of my *least* favorite pairing thereof fitting the song! Anyone else who’s personally grossed out by “Wincest” knows what I’m talking about…

  • Travis

    Oh yeah, Waldo/Carmen is totally in my head canon too.

    There’s a great cartoon out there where you see a doctor delivering a baby and it instantly vanishes, then it reveals those two as the parents.