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Oh Hollywood

Universal Hires Hunger Games Writer for Their Mummy Remake In Case The Writer They Already Have Doesn’t Work Out

So, you remember how Underworld‘s Len Wiseman is directing a Mummy remake? I don’t blame you if you don’t; since the news broke last September we’ve heard virtually nothing about it. But today there’s a curious tidbit from of Vulture: Though the movie already has one screenwriter, Universal has hired another screenwriter to pen a second, competing script. That writer? The Hunger GamesBilly Ray

So, are the two writers going to fight to the death to get their version made, or…?

Already on board is Jon Spaihts, who wrote the script that eventually became Prometheus (some details on the differences between his version and the final movie are here). Unlike the Brendan Fraser/Rachel Weisz version, both scripts will place the movie in the modern day. We’ve also heard that Universal’s going for something more “horror movie” than “action movie” with their remake, keeping more with the vibe of the original 1932 The Mummy than the Fraser version.

The reason Universal has for hiring dual writers is that they really want this thing to be ready by summer 2014, and if they have two scripts going then one of them’s bound to be ready in time, right? Seriously. The way the Vulture article makes it sound, the issue isn’t that they want to double their chances for a good script; it’s that they want to double their chances for a quick script. I don’t know how accurate their source is, but if that is true it’s pretty disheartening (if not unexpected).

Notes Vulture:

But even if neither draft works out, the unusual approach might still bear fruit.

“My suspicion is that one of them will be a ‘structure-and-body’ man, and one’s going to be a ‘character-and-dialogue’ man — and that they’ll then just gang-bang them together into one script, crediting both writers,” explains our insider.”

So. Thoughts? Happy about Ray being hired? Worried about the whole rushing-the-script-through thing? Lay it on me.

(via: ScreenRant)

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  • Jack Creed

    I’ll be honest, I liked that campy fun of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. I really don’t have an interest to see a “darker” version of the film. If that were the case I’d watch the 1932 version. Really I am just getting tired of remake after remake.

  • Less Lee Moore


  • Anonymous

    Do remakes do well these days? I’m SO not a movie person, largely because I’ve been so disappointed over and over again by a lot of what’s considered “mainstream” over the years. I used to be an avid movie news junkie, but I can scarcely bring myself to give a fudge about anything out these days and the “talent” behind them (Hunger Games was a pleasant exception though.), so I have no idea if this “lets remake/reboot/rehash EVERYTHING every 10 years” thing actually works…? I actually enjoyed the first two Mummy movies, and though I’m not opposed to another “mummy” movie, or rather a movie with a mummy in it, will this be about the same mummy again? Already? People will see this? Was the Spiderman reboot a hit even though it was the origin story all over again? Ugh, it just doesn’t compute, lol. What I would love is a film adaptation of Anne Rices “Mummy/Ramses The Damned”!

  • Anonymous

    You prefaced it with liking the comedic style of the last iteration but say you are getting tired of remakes. It sounds like you would prefer it to be more like the last and thus more… remakey.

    I wouldn’t mind a darker version because I am content with comedic mummy movies still. Not that I am looking forward to this. A “gang-bang” script just doesn’t excite me. I think it will be hard to enjoy. Possibly even too much for me to handle. 3D could be a drawback too, the way things pop out at you.

    I’m done.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    It does work, is the thing. People see them. They make a ton of money (The Amazing Spider-Man, which I thought was quite bad, certainly did. Heck, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie cleaned up overseas, so they’re making a fifth). The studios make more of them.

    If people want to see more original movies, not remake after remake, they need to make an effort to SEE the original movies that are out there. One can’t stop people from shelling out money for bad remakes (or good remakes like the ’90s Mummy, for that matter), but one CAN promote (ie spend money on) the types of movies one wants to see. If original stories make money, Hollywood will make more of them.

    As distasteful as it may be, it’s all about business.