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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Thing That Might Have to Exist

Hunger Games Meets Girl Talk For Dating & Death!

I must make a slight amendment to that category. It should read: THINGS THAT MUST EXIST NAO! Like, totally! The 1988 classic board game, Girl Talk, is improved upon by College Humor in this video. Why just talk about boys, make-up, and dating when you can talk about boys, make-up, and dating while also trying to avoid being murdered by your fellow tributes? And yes, it’s called The Hunger Games Game, and we can imagine the tweens in the Capitol playing it right now. We can also imagine ourselves playing it: Right. Now. Also, one or more of us may still own Girl Talk or a Girl Talk-type telephone. You can guess but I’m never telling. Unless I draw the truth card.

(via HuffPost Women)