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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

what is this I don't even

Learn Questionable Chinese From Creepy Webseries, Wait, Is That David Tennant?

So, upon being introduced to iamxiaoli’s YouTube channel by The Daily What, I forwarded it to the only Chinese speaker I know because I had to know why this chick was teaching Chinese with a drugged lady and what looked like David Tennant duct-taped to a chair.

Upon further investigation, it appears that what we’re looking at is mostly a webseries of vague creepyness, under the pretense of teaching possibly-questionable Chinese. And it’s probably not David Tennant, just a guy with big eyes and scruffy hair.

But I’m not going to let all that hard-hitting investigative journalism go to waste, so here. Second video under the cut.

From my Chinese speaking friend:

At first, at the very beginning, she said “My name is Xiaoli”

And then she says “I’m called Xiaoli” a bunch of times

And she asks David Tennent what his name is

A few times.


That is one way to get the doctor to tell you his real name.

Tie him up to a creepy chair and ask him in Chinese…

Oh and the other one [below]

Is really funny

She says “I speak Chinese”

And point to David Tennent

And is like “He doesn’t.”

(via TDW.)


  • Emma Jones

    That is made of nightmares.

  • Stevi Ferguson

     If I had access to a David Tennant look-alike, that is NOT what I would do with him.

  • Francesca M

    I recognize the other woman in the clip though I don’t know from where, and seriously that really really looks really really looks like tennant.

  • Terence Ng

    The panda keeps saying it’s hungry. Poor panda…

  • Melissa Clancy

    It reminds me of an ARG is used to play. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the breadcrumb trail (or starter clue) for a new ARG.

  • Alex Moen

    haha, that is a whole lot of effort put into a video that taught you to say so little.  At least it’s memorable, I suppose.

  • Colby Weaver…you think the videos are creepy…go read her blog.

    “So much thumping all night.   My guest in the basement keeps rocking
    his chair, jumping up and down it sounds like.  You think he would learn
    that it only makes the duct tape more uncomfortable.  Did you know that
    duct tape was invented for surgeons in battle to quickly bandage a
    wound?  It’s very healthy.
    Then the Man Behind the Door is angry because all the knocking of the
    chair sound and so he starts knocking on the door.  So much knocking!”