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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

For A More Civilized Age

How It Should Have Ended Does The Phantom Menace

I was going to make a dig at HISHE for tackling a fifteen year old movie, but then I realized that that means there are high school students who were not alive when Episode I came out and now I just want to finish this post and, I dunno, collect a pension check while complaining about how easy young people have it these days.

Previously in How It Should Have Ended

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  • locuas

    i particularly love superman and supergirl having a seat in the council.

  • Revolution of Eva

    The dumb thing this reminds me of is….I remember someone who worked on the film complimenting themselves that classical tragedies usually ended with a rhyming couplet, and the final lines of the film spoken by Yoda and Mace Windu rhyme…..think on that: they didn’t “rhyme”…you can’t rhyme “master or the apprentice?” with “the master or the apprentice”? YOU CANNOT RHYME A PHRASE WITH A REPETITION OF ITSELF!

  • Anonymous

    Sooo glad to see HISHE point out the ridiculousness of Obi-Wan’s victory over Darth Maul. What exactly was on Maul’s mind during the entire period that Kenobi was flying upward, flipping over his head, landing behind him, grabbing the lightsaber, turning around, and cutting him?

  • csb

    There are also Daleks, Alf’s people, Xenomorphs and… Santa?

  • locuas

    but those still have a planet and a society, including Santa :P(yes, alf’s people were reveled to have a new planet in the series finale)

  • Anonymous

    How Phantom Menance Should Have Ended

    Before it began?

  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking that one of these days, they need to do one of these that is just the opening credits. Or a meeting of studio execs listening to someone pitch the movie and them all saying No! Star Trek Into Darkness or X-Men 3 would have been my personal choice for one of those.

  • Mark Brown

    Actually, the rhyme was supposed to be “less” with “apprentice.”

    Which makes it even worse since Mace has to open his big mouth, making it NOT the last line of the film.