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Better Late Than Never: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Gets an Honest Trailer

I have to admit, I frequently find Honest Trailers to just be too nitpicky, but not in this case.

(via FilmDrunk.)

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  • Benjamin Meis

    Everyone gives this movie crap, but I rather enjoyed it.
    (Full disclosure: I have not seen any of the other Indiana Jones movies. Though I have a friend who has, and he said that this was a decent movie, just not a decent Indiana Jones movie)

  • Jericho McCune

    I had to stop watching when they complained that Karen Allen was “replaced with a far less attractive Karen Allen.” As innocent as that may sound to you, it merely perpetuates the idea that women are ugly when they age, and women only deserve to be in a movie if they are attractive. That’s just sad.

  • Becca Hoekstra

    “5 years later and I still want a refund” OMG IT’S SO TRUE.

  • Anonymous

    I did think that was rather mean spirited: “Wow, Karen Allen looks almost 27 years older than she did in Raiders of the Lost Ark!”

  • niemzo

    So true. Just compare his commentary on Harrison Ford with his of Karen Allen. He is bored, she is not attractive.

  • Magic Xylophone

    I think she was still pretty hot.

  • Magic Xylophone

    WATCH THE OTHERS! Actually, you can skip Temple of Doom.

  • Anonymous

    F*** this trailer. I think this movie gets far more crap than is fair or warranted. It’s definitely the weakest of the four Indiana Jones movies, but it’s still fun and enjoyable. I actually like the fact that they didn’t try to disguise the fact that Indy is getting older, I love love love that they brought Karen Allen back, I thought Jim Broadbent was an inspired follow up to Marcus Brody (and resulted in a touching moment as he and Indy reminisced about Marcus) and I actually like the idea of the movies reflecting the pop culture of the time periods they were set in.

    And for all the people bitching and whining about the fridge, really? You’re going to argue that’s more improbable than hanging on to the top of a submarine for god knows how many hours? More ludicrous than parachuting out of a plane with a life raft or surviving a mine cart roller coaster ride? More ridiculous than a plane crashing into a tunnel, passing a car and then exploding? That’s the argument you’re going to make? More power to you, but I think you’re fooling yourselves.
    Don’t get me wrong, the movie has it fair share of flaws, and there are certainly elements that I don’t care for, but I still think it’s a fun, enjoyable film that deserves more credit than it’s given.
    Oh, and Jericho, thanks for calling out the trailer on its BS slam of Karen Allen.

  • Anonymous

    And at the risk of succumbing to the same mean-spirited shallowness, I’m still going to point out that she has aged /far/ more gracefully than he has.

  • jamie

    pretty much.

  • Jericho McCune

    You’re welcome :) I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.

  • Hannele Kormano

    For me, I have similar issue with the Die Hard franchise, and maybe this is a little sadistic, but it’s just not as fun when he’s not getting beat up anymore. Indy still gets *beaten* at times, but you don’t really see him *struggle* with anything. It’s like he’s replaying a video game.

  • Anonymous

    At your own peril.

  • Jericho McCune

    I just saw this and thought you might appreciate it. It seems the fridge is pretty plausible.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, that’s awesome! Thanks for pointing this out. Suck it doubters!