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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

There And Back Again

17 Character Posters from The Hobbit Is A Lot of Character Posters

But not one of Stephen Colbert!

(Empire Online via Collider.)

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  • Anonymous

    Trust Richard Armitage to makes Dwarves look sexy.

  • Matt Graham

    I don’t have wall space for them all, but I do want the Galadriel one. Nothing on that original character they introduced for the elves?

  • Alana Beltzer

    Aidan Turner does a fair job at that as well ;)

  • curiositykt

    I’m still confused by Kili not having a real beard.

  • Anonymous

    Fili, Kili and Thorin are totally bringing it for the girls!

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Now Gollum is trying to give us sexy eyes.

  • Lindsay Beaton

    Whoever said, “We need to busy up this Gandalf poster with some leaves” was incorrect. :-P
    I’m starting to feel overloaded by the scope of the marketing for this movie. Epic Movie Is Epic. I get it. But my brain is already exhausted, and the thing hasn’t even come out yet. I sort of just want to go read the book again and ignore the movie until all the parts are out, then watch it all once and be done with it.

  • Duke Fleed

    And the girls are gonna cry come the third movie.

  • Katie Massacre

    Ooooh GOLLY! Fili is a babe, I tell you what. Loving Dori’s sloshing ale, and Nori’s knives! I’m digging the abundance of braids too.
    Galadriel is always my favourite character, but in her poster… she is… giving us the finger?

  • Anonymous

    One of my office mates mentioned being hungry for a Fili-Kili sandwich, but Thorin got The Glamour Shot.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the dwarves are in the exact order that I list them in my head to remember the names. How odd. Do others do this too or was this the order from the book or the Hobbit cartoon or something?

  • Steven Ray Morris

    too many leaves is right. lol

    I feel like this movie has been barely marketed compared to other big blockbusters that came out this year. I think I’m missing something.

  • Anonymous

    is Galadriel flipping us off?

  • pollydactyl

    They’re the same order for me too, because that’s the order in the book.

  • Michelle N Moore

    Bofur looks freaking adorable. But Kili and that smolder… GOOD LORD.

  • Elias Algorithm

    I dunno, seeing the dwarves so often is getting me to where I’m a lot more used to the ridiculous beards, and probably won’t be as distracted by them for the actual movie.

  • Anonymous

    he’s young, full of dwarfbellion

  • Brian

    I think they said she’s mostly in the second one.

  • Amanda

    Ummm… Did anyone else think that Galadriel was flipping them off?

  • Anonymous

    “A fitting metaphor for Jackson’s butchering of a classic” – Pedantic Tolkien Fan (like me).

  • Sue

    Kili looks like a young Aragorn

  • Amanda

    That’s exactly what I thought. How did that pass through all the levels and make it to print?