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Here’s Our First Look At Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay [VIDEO]

We previously reported on the cast for Syfy’s cosplay docu-series, Heroes of Cosplay, but we finally get an idea of what it will look like thanks to this trailer. I’m very excited to see some pals on screen of course, but I’m also excited to know the world is going to get a really great look at the dedication that goes into making costumes like this. The premiere is set for August 13, after the new episode of Face Off.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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  • Anonymous

    Holly Conrad!! I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna lie, I’m totally going to be watching in the hopes that I’m in one second of footage.

  • Miss Cephalopod

    Consider me tentatively really fuckin’ excited. From over here this looks really cool.

  • syradobomako

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    Not gonna lie, I’m totally going to be watching in the hopes that I’m in one second of footage.

  • Anonymous

    This trailer makes it look like it has a tiny Project Runway element which makes me realise: I really want a Project Cosplay.

  • Alfonso Surroca

    Funny you should mention that. There actually *is* a Project Cosplay webseries.

  • Alfonso Surroca

    I was walking into MegaCon on opening day while SyFy was filming presumably b-roll for whichever episode that con will be featured in. I’m wondering if I’ll be in one second of footage too!

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, thanks, I shall be watching that!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually heard some complaints about this show already on tumblr. Apparently this show is going for the ‘reality’ TV angle with fake drama. Basically a Toddler and Tiaras only with Cosplayers.

  • Emily Hill

    I can’t wait to watch it

  • Adam Cross

    it looks just like Face-Off to me

  • Bea

    My feelings towards this show is mixed. At first I was excited but then I went from that to a bit depressed. Looking at the promoting words from other sources it feels like cosplayers are being exploited here and treated like a freakshow.

    Then I saw the people featured in the trailer, nothing against their dedication but I saw a pattern of who they wished to follow. But these people are titled the heros of cosplay so then where does that leave the average ones on shoe string budgets scrimping and saving to do buy what they can to make a cosplay not for just recognition but to show their love for a character?

    And I wonder would they cover the taboo of comissioned works vs things that you’ve made yourself and well the nastier side of cosplay?

  • Erica Binns

    I was in the contest Yaya Han won at Planet Comicon KC – and I am completely and utterly pissed about this show. Yaya’s managers forced her to compete against her wishes, which she never does because she does this stuff for a living and it’s not fair to amateur cosplayers. Now, that isn’t directly SyFy’s fault, but it factors into the show as a whole.

    Because of the filming at the contest, the judges were not focused on what they needed to be focused on – the contest itself. Guess who placed in the top 3 of the Heroes vs. Villains skit contest (the category Yaya Han won)? A trio of dancing fairies. I kid you not. And if you had been in the audience, you could tell it was mainly because the videographer fell in love with them and they showed up well on camera.

    Anyhow – take the show with a truckload of salt. It is not by any means a real slice of cosplay life, and it hurt more people than it helped.

  • Trisha Lynn

    Do you know what relationship the channel has to the Firefall game? It looks like the “Project Cosplay” series was commissioned by them.