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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Here’s a Teaser for That Powerpuff Girls Special!

Now let the comments section explode in reaction to the changed animation style. I’m just looking forward to hearing Mojo Jojo say “Mojo Jojo” again.

Previously in Powerpuff Girls

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  • Anonymous

    The Powerpuff Girls animation style is not the same, and if it is not the same then it cannot be the Powerpuff Girls. Curses.

  • Lindsey Stock

    Are all the original voice actors returning? I refuse to accept anyone else saying “Mojo jojo”!

  • Roderick T Faulkner

    The animation style was a major part of the series appeal – and it does appear to have changed. :-( This has tempered my excitement a bit for the new special.

  • Jose

    Yes, all the voice actors are back, and frankly that makes up for how weird this looks like.

  • Suzanne Larsen

    I’ll still watch it but man they *beep* up the design. YIKES

  • Charlie

    But surely they won’t sell any toys! What are they thinking! ;p

  • Morgan

    I love the new style!

  • Ryan Colson

    Unlike the movie redesign for Mojo (Canon), this animation style is necessarily different.
    Because it’s a reboot.
    It’s well established since around June 2012 they were rebooting the show and the press release for it confirms it’s a reboot as well..

  • Ryan Colson

    It’s not bad as a reboot but WB doesn’t want you watching it anyway lol

  • Ryan Colson

    It’s just a reboot no big.

  • Important Film Maker

    I’m not one for nostalgia (things are better now than they were in the past is my rule of thumb), but good gravy is that some garish animation. Boo I say, Boo!