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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Here’s a Bunch of Deleted Scenes from the Marvel Phase 1 DVD Set

Quick, before Disney takes them all down!

And in case they’re already down by the time you get here, here’s the first thing that came up when I googled “lego avengers video.”

(via /Film.)

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  • Jerilyn Nighy
  • Anonymous

    SHAWARMA!!! I still have yet to try it. Also, more scenes with Loki, mmmmm :p

  • Anonymous

    The shooting script of the Avengers had a lot more Captain America and a lot more 9/11 imagery. Yikes.

  • Maxwell LaChance

    That Alt, Iron Man 2 ending is great. Better than the super happy high five.

  • Kayla K.

    Disney strikes again!

  • Aeryl

    Can I say how (not)surprised I was to find that he killed Enver.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Wow. I’m glad I watched the Loki one before I went to work, since by the time I got back from work, they were down. That said, I ended up being late because I watched it, but totally worth it. lol