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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Her Universe Features Doctor Who, BSG, & Star Trek On Cyber Monday

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We’re already totally enamored with Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe – hell, we even had a party with her – so every time they launches new products, our wallets get lighter. Her Universe has debuted a slew of new products set to launch Cyber Monday (the online equivalent to Black Friday), November 26th. Plus, they’re offering free ground shipping and a special gift with each order! Take a look at the new offerings, you’ll probably find something for your geek family and pals but also something for yourself.

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  • Susan Grogan

    I’d just like to see women’s PJs without cutesy crap on them. It’s frustrating. You can choose between : cute PJs or sexy PJs. Can I have some plain, well made options please.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Non-cute, geek pjs, or just regular, regular pjs? Because I’m pretty sure every department store or catalog I’ve seen has non-sexy, non-cutesy ones.

  • Anonymous

    Her Universe is doing an awesome job of addressing the huge inequality in nerdy apparel for women. In contrast, I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed a huge PJ inequality, (though I admittedly wear T-Shirts and leggings at bedtime) By “cutesy crap” do you mean they have pictures of things on them? I don’t think there is a dearth of plain pjs out there for women or men. But if you do happen to want pictures on your pjs, I think Darth Vader in slippers is pretty amazing.

  • Susan Grogan

    Agreed that I’d rather have nerd options. I mean non-cute in general. if you looks for soft cotton blend or soft flannel PJs for women, more often than not the vast majority seem to have hearts, bunnies, etc. The other end of the spectrum seems to be slinky, synthetic-only material that’s uncomfortable, often with odd low-cut necklines and lace. I did luck out a Target as year or so ago, when they had loose-fitting cotton bottoms in solid colors and plain nightshirts that didn’t lean to the tent shape, while still remaining loose enough to make sense. I’m a PJ loving freak, so I’m always on the hunt, but rarely seem to find a lot that I like.

  • Kea Alwang

    Looove the new stuff!

  • Anonymous ery

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind cute, but I wear men’s pj pants because girl’s are always so short on me. A little big, but ultra comfy.